Monday, February 5, 2018

Hello, February!

I woke up this morning to sunshine and frosty air. Dan is working from home today. He is having his truck worked on, so we drove in separate cars to the auto repair shop, so I could give him a ride home. My windshield was spattered with bits of moisture from the air, and it was cold outside. It was nice to get home and have a second cup of coffee.

February is one of my favorite months, because I love Valentine's Day. It's nice to have such a cheery holiday in the middle of winter, one that celebrates in pink and red and hearts.

I pulled out some of my Valentine decorations yesterday, including some strings of lights. They sure brighten up a cold winter day.

My little Christmas tree is still up in the corner of the dining room, so it got decorated, too.

My love for Valentine's Day was inspired by my Aunt Riz. She always made the most beautiful Valentines and sent me one every year.

I always think of her and follow her example, making Valentine's Day a day to celebrate the people I love!

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?


Melinda said...

So fun!
Yes, I do though that is another thing I am behind on.
I do love all the colors that come with Valentine's Day.

M : )

Mari said...

Everything looks so cute! I should start decorating for Valentines Day. It's my daughters birthday so we always focused on birthdays instead of Valentines!

Leslie said...

I love the hutch and your valentine decorations. It's nice to bring in the pink and reds for a change. It's frosty here also - in fact you just reminded me, I better start my car now to let it warm up a bit. I can't say it enough - I am tied of being cold!!! : )
Happy Tuesday

Dianna said...

Hi Karen, I think we were both thinking the same thing yesterday! I put out my Valentine's decorations, too! That is actually what my blog post is about today. :) I love your display ...and the sweet little lights. You are so right...they do brighten up a cold winter day. How special that you had an aunt who made special Valentines and sent one to you every year...and now, because of her influence, you are doing the same. When my kids were young my mother always made up a Valentine box and sent to them in the mail. They loved it. In fact, I think our daughter still has one of the things that was in one of the boxes. I love traditions that continue from one generation to another.