Friday, February 16, 2018

February faves

I'm a day late, and still thinking of what a nice week this was.  I'm linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday's Fave Five.

Valentine's Day ~ Dan and I exchanged cards, and he is always thoughtful to give me flowers. Our dinner tradition just depends on the year. This year I made his favorite -- salmon -- with yams and a Caesar salad, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. The next night, he made me my favorite -- grilled cheese and soup! Haha, I just love it when Dan cooks. He says he needs to up his game, but I am perfectly happy, as long as I'm not cooking;)

Fun snail mail ~ Lots of fun mail this week in the form of Valentines, AND a special package which I wrote about here

Olympics on T.V. ~ I especially like watching the snowboarders and the figure skaters.

Hot tea ~ My favorite relaxation is a hot cup of tea. I like black tea with a bit of sugar and cream. We haven't had a lot of snow this winter, but it has been cold. It's a nice way to take the chill off.

Friendships ~ I met my friend Christine when I was in high school, but we really got to know each other when we went to college. Then, we both ended up living back here in our home town. Lo and behold, when her daughter Liz and my son Joe were in high school, they met and have become the best of friends. Liz is getting married this spring, so Christine and I had lots to talk about when we met for coffee this week.

Happy weekend!



Willow said...

I think most people have commented on how much they enjoy watching the Olympics. Watching others out in the snow while I drink a cup of hot tea--yes!
I hope you'll enjoy Santa Fe as much as we do. Yes, there are lots of great hikes even in the city. The cliff dwellings are about an hour's drive away in the area of Los Alamos and White Rock. There is also a pueblo you can visit and don't forget about Taos.

Faith said...

I love watching the figure skating and luge! In fact, I wish I was young enough to try luge.....looks like a blast!

I enjoy hot tea on a very cold evening but honestly I do prefer a good strong cup of coffee!

YAY for special packages and Valentine's treats/dinners.

Sounds like a lovely with a friend is on my list now that I'm on Winter break!!

Cherdecor said...

Well, that is just the cutest that you and your husband fix each other a Valentines meal. I really like that idea. I wonder why we never thought to do that? Glad you had a wonderful day. (I am trying to visit all my old friends today. I hope to be back into blogging before lone.)

Dianna said...

You had such a lovely week, Karen. What a special treat it must have been for you to receive such a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift from your blogging friend! I know you are going to enjoy immensely working on your dollhouse.

I like the way you and Dan did the special meals for one another for Valentine's Day. I'm with you...when our husbands cook it really doesn't matter what they fix. :)

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you.

Susanne said...

Lovely week. Snail mail is always fun because it is getting so rare. Fun way for you and Dan to celebrate Valentine's taking turns cooking for each other. I love the Olympics and love watching it all. Though curling is a bit slow for me, I have been learning to appreciate the talent that goes into it.