Monday, February 12, 2018

A Daybook

For Today. . . February 12, 2018

Looking out my window at a bitter cold day. There are traces of snow on the ground, and tree branches are silhouetted against heavy gray skies.

I am thinking that my blog is taking a back seat to some other projects I'm working on around the house, so I may not be posting as frequently as I like to.

I am thankful that Dan had a good weekend spent with some friends in the mountains, and that he's back home now.

One of my favorite things is using pretty stamps for cards and notes.

I am creating "new" bookcases for the study, by painting some old ones. Here's the work in progress:

I am wearing jeans, long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater vest. 

I am reading Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. My friend Rick recommended it to me years ago, and I finally picked up a copy. Now, I can't put it down! 

I am hoping to finish a knitting project while watching the Olympics for the next two weeks.

I am learning that less is more.

In my kitchen, I'm making homemade granola.

 Post Script. My niece has started a blog to document her progress in fitness, the Whole 30 diet, and a little competition with her dad. If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:  The Biggest Loser

 Quote for the day:
Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse.

A moment from my day:  No pictures. Just lots of cleaning today, laundry and a trip to the grocery store.

Happy Monday!

P.S.  If you'd like to do your own post for the Simple Woman's Daybook, here's the link!


Dianna said...

I always enjoy reading Daybooks. It is such an insightful way of getting to know some of my blogging buddies a little better. :) When I blogged under the name of Joyful in His Presence I did a daybook entry each week on a certain day. Reading yours today stirs my heart a bit to start making a daybook part of my weekly blogging.

The bookcases look great. That takes a lot of patience...especially when what you want to paint means moving things to another room. I loved seeing your neat piles in the next room on the floor. I need to get our mudroom painted next week and the only part I don't like about it is having the rest of the house messed up while I am doing it. :)

I went to Amazon and read about the book you are currently reading. It sounds really good. The only thing that would discourage me from reading it would be the length of the book...over 1,000 pages. You go, Girlfiend!

Enjoy getting those projects around the house finished. I'll keep checking back to see what you are up to.

Melanie said...

I love these Daybook posts! I enjoyed doing my own last week. I've never read any Ken Follett but he was one of my dad's favorite authors. My husband has read a couple of his books, too but I'm not sure if Pillars of the Earth was one of them.

Your bookcases look great!

I've had several friends do the Whole 30 plan and they all lost a lot of weight and said they felt wonderful.

Melinda said...

All good things.
Will miss your posts but I know you
will be around.
Your shelves will look great!

M : )