Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Day

If only every day could be as peaceful as a Snow Day. Yesterday, we woke up to the world blanketed in white.

I spent the day indoors, thankful that Dan offered to go to the grocery store for a few things that we really needed.  More milk for hot chocolate was on the list.

Today is cold and brisk and windy, which makes me want to stay in for yet another day. But, I'm afraid I'll have to venture out for a bit to run a few errands.

Happy Monday to all,


Mari said...

So pretty! I love the tulips too. They're my favorite - a good sign of Spring!

Mary said...

the tulips are gorgeous. We also had a lot of snow and the river was ice jammed. It still has but most of the snow has melted. January thaw. Expecting a storm to start later today.

Leslie said...

Perfect! I love snow days too. I recently had my first hot chocolate of the year and ohhh my goodness, it was delicious! I forgot how good it is.

Melinda said...

Snow days are the best.
We haven't had very much snow yet...
Dribbles here and there.
Hot chocolate is a must on snow days.

M : )

Susanne said...

Beautiful! I love fresh fallen snow. And you've just reminded me that I've got some chocolate orange hot chocolate that I have not even opened. Off to make a mug!