Sunday, January 28, 2018

Snail Mail

I've said this before, but one of my favorite things about blogging is the friendships I've formed with other bloggers. Bloggers are just the nicest people.

I liken blogging to having pen pals when I was growing up. We write newsy posts, leave comments for each other, and often follow up with emails that are like the letters I used to exchange with my cousins and friends. Just without the postage stamps.

A few months back, I found a blog that links up the old-fashioned kind of pen pals. I sent in my name and I've been matched up with a couple of ladies, both in the United States, and we've been exchanging letters every month or so.

The site -- The Letter Writers Alliance -- matches pen pals according to interests, so we have a lot to write about. I enjoy writing the letters as much as I like hearing from my friends through the mail.

One of the challenges I have is finding stationery! It's easy to find note cards, but stationery by the sheet isn't easy to come by. I've actually gone on Etsy for a box of "vintage" stationery. It feels funny to think that something I used to buy regularly in my lifetime is now considered vintage.

Writing letters also gives me a good reason to buy all kinds of stamps, which has always been a passion of mine.

One of my intentions this year is to write more letters and notes. I've found a couple of websites that encourage letter writing and include letter writing challenges that make it fun.  Here are a few of the links:

What about you, do you still write letters? Can you think of the last time you received a letter in the mail?

If you're so inclined, email me your snail mail address, and I'll drop you a line!


Melanie said...

Funny you should mention letter writing - my online friend, Deanna Piercy is doing a February letter writing challenge where she writes a letter every single day! I used to be a big letter writer, but now with email and social media communication, that has fallen by the wayside. Like you, I used to have a lot of pen-pals. At one time, when I was a teenager (late 70's), I had 75 pen-pals! Sounds unbelievable that it's hard to find stationary, but I guess that's just another sign of today's times. Thus all said, I'd love to receive a snail mail note from you! I will email you my address. :-)

Mari said...

I love getting real mail and actually sent out a little note last week. I have a friend who is gifted at this and sends out lots of notes. She is an encourager to many! On the other hand, I have good intentions but then don't think of it when I'm home and can do it. Good for you for getting stationary and doing this!

Leslie said...

I rarely send mail... but I love this idea!!!! I think it's wonderful. I remember way back in elementary school we were linked up with pen pals from a local retirement home. My friend was named Booker Washington ~ like the African American rights activist ~ and at the end of the school year our class took a field trip to meet our pals. I thought he was the coolest thing!

busybusybeejay said...

I used to have Penfriends all over the world.It was a brilliant hobby and I learned so much about other cultures.Now we just exchange an annual letter at Xmas.I had Penfriends in Japan,Russia,Hungary,South Africa,Australia and of course the USA and loads of other countries.A great hobby.I shall email you my address.Barbara

Melinda said...

Great post!
Love getting "good mail" still.
I'd love to get a note from you!
I think you have my address, if not
let me know.

M : )

Mary said...

Hi Kaewn. I used to love writing letters and had several pen pals when I was growing up. I miss the old fashioned way of communication.

Did you know you can make and print your own stationary using Word. You import the photo you want on the header, I love a banner of roses and then print my own.

Drop over to my writing nook if you have time. I enjoy seeing you there.

Dianna said...

Letter writing is almost a lost art anymore. What a lovely gift to receive...and don't you just love surprises in the mail?

I also wanted to mention that I love your new header! I've been away from blogging off and on since my mother passed in October, so I'm now trying to get back to being faithful both blogging and reading blogs. The header reminds me of someone who is looking for spring!

Dewena said...

I very much support a revival of snail mail, snail mail of the personal variety that rewards a trip to the mailbox with something other than bills and junk mail. I still have many reasons to send it myself among family members but I have to admit that my favorite is choosing cards to send to my granddaughters!