Saturday, January 13, 2018

Books and more favorites

This was my first full week back at work (full for me, being three days), and it feels like I'm in the flow for the new year. It was a nice week overall. Here are some of the highlights:

A freshly painted office space. Our office suite got a sprucing up over the holidays, with lots of fresh paint and some new furniture. What a great way to start the new year! We all feel like we got a present over the holidays, and it has made coming back to work all the more fun.

"The kids" were here for dinner on Saturday night. Brooklynn wanted someone to read (and re-read, and re-read) a story to her. After I read the book three times, I suggested that her uncles would like to share in the fun. Uncles are a lot better at storytelling, and soon Brooklynn and Bentley and Joey and Sam were all on the sofa, acting out the story. Sweet times.

Keeping a bit of Christmas. I took down all of the Christmas decorations, except for a string of lights in my study and a little lighted tree in the dining room. They will brighten up the dull days of January through March, and are a reminder of the Light of Christmas that is with us year round.

Post-holiday grocery shopping. It's nice to have a cupboard of healthy foods and snacks, with the last of the Christmas sweets pretty much gone.

Dinner and books. Last night, Dan and I went to dinner with my aunt and my dad . My stepmom wasn't feeling well, so she didn't join us. (We missed you, Carol!). We all love books, and love sharing the latest on our reading list. Always a nice way to spend an evening.

How was your week?

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Melinda said...

Great memories all around.
Always nice to have your workspace
spruced up.

Have a great weekend and holiday.

M : )

Barbara H. said...

It's so nice to have a freshly spruced-up place! the group reading looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I miss the lights of Christmas and especially the little tree I put in my bedroom. I need to get out of the sweets habit that got started during the holidays. Discussing books with friends is a favorite pasttime.

Karen said...

It's great that they love to read and make reading fun! Glad your new year has had a good beginning.

Elsa said...

I too am happy the Christmas sweets are gone and feel like I am on a holiday cleanse! Sounds like a great start to your new year Tante! Love seeing my baby cousins and pictures of them! Oh and I guess Joey and Sam are ok too :)

Mereknits said...

Uncles and Aunts are the best! We have more Aunts than Uncles, but our Uncle Don is incredible. Have a great week Karen.

Wendy said...

Holidays are lovely but it's good to get back into routine - especially when the workplace gets a face lift!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a good start to 2018...pretty lights, cuddles, books, healthy food and a newly painted office. I've been working on a lot of cleaning out and organizing around the house. Have a great week!

Susanne said...

A nice fresh workspace is a nice blessing to come back to. I'm a wee bit jealous of your 3 day work week. Raising a little reader there. So sweet.

Willow said...

I'm thinking that living close enough to your dad and aunt to have dinner with them is a blessing. And it's great that you have similar interests like books.
That's a cute photo of your granddaughter with her uncles. She will have those precious memories to cherish.
Have a great week back in your 'new' office space!