Friday, December 8, 2017

December favorites

A week of unresolved issues. . . Don't you hate those? In time, it will work itself out. All the more reason to join up with Friday's Fave Five and look for those blessings.

Dinner with friends. I was so happy to connect with two of my friends on Monday night. We haven't been together in months. We met at a new TexMex restaurant for a yummy supper and a couple of hours worth of catching up.  Love these two ladies.

Book Club and a new book. Our December book club meeting was on Wednesday, and we went out for our traditional Christmas Dinner and Book Exchange. I am SO excited to read my new book:

Dan baked rum cake! Dan spent the evening doing his annual 'baking of the rum cakes.' I came home to a house that smelled scrumptious! and rows of rum cakes lined up, ready to be packaged. (That's my job;)

Writing Christmas cards. I know many consider this a chore, and to be honest there are some years when I drag myself through it. But, I do love sending and receiving cards at Christmas time. I'm taking my time this year and including notes for those people that I only connect with at this time of year.

My own space. A couple of months ago, Dan generously gave up his space in the office and moved downstairs, so that I have a room of my own. This means the world to me. In fairness, he is building a workshop out back and claims that will be his 'room of his own.' But, I love having my own space where I'm surrounded by books and have room for a big desk (really an old table) and a chair. I'm working on putting it together a bit more, then maybe I'll share more pictures. For now -- keepin' it real! -- here's the desk where I'm blogging and writing out all those Christmas cards.

Hope you're all enjoying all the ho ho ho going 'round these days. Happy Friday,


Barbara H. said...

I do hate unresolved issues - it's so hard to wait for them to resolve one way or another. Hope that happens soon and favorably.

I grew up in TX and love Tex-Mex food! Catching up with friends makes it even more special.

I obtained a "room of my own" when my middle son got married. I love it! My husband had an office off the garage, but we had to convert it into his mom's room when we brought her home.

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, too. Getting ours ready to send is next on my list!

Willow said...

Oooo! A room and a desk and a place to spread out! Lovely!
I too love sending and receiving Christmas cards. Sadly, it didn't happen last year because I was in MD helping my daughter after surgery. And this year--I'm back in MD helping with her impending move. I'm really hoping I can get the cards out anyway.
Have a happy weekend!

Mari said...

I hate unresolved issues too - hope yours are soon taken care of.
How wonderful to be getting your own room to use as you want. I know you'll enjoy it!

Mildred said...

That is a very nice space for you to blog/work in. Let us know about your new book. I can just imagine how good the rum cakes made your home smell. Have a blessed weekend.

Karen said...

I love Christmas cards too! It's good to look for all the blessings of the past week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Faith said...

we love Christmas cards too and I spent this afternoon working on some. I love including notes in mine and I love when people send them.

Yay for evenings out with friends over dinner and a husband who bakes!!

ENJOY that room of your living room is kind of "my" room....all my hiking books are in the Adirondack Mountain area, and my fave chair and my piano....and my husband prefers to hang out in the family room where the tv/netflix is.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope that issue gets resolved soon for you

Cherdecor said...

I am impatient with unresolved issues. Did I really say that out loud? LOL! I hope yours is solved far more quickly than mine seem to be.

I've never belonged to a book club, but every time I hear of one, I think it sounds delightful. When you get together, how does it work out? Does someone lead it and ask questions or do you just talk about your favorite parts or do you sit and sip tea? LOL! Just wondering.

I think it is great that you have your own private space. We have a computer room we share. It works out well because when I have a computer issue, my technician is sitting right beside me. ;) I will be waiting to see what it looks like when you have time to organize it.

Melinda said...

Sounds like great fun going on there in Colorado.
Need to get busy on our cards.
Always good to have our own spaces. Can't wait to see what you
do with your space.

M : )