Friday, December 29, 2017

Closing the year with Friday Fave Five

The wind is blowing like crazy this morning, whistling and rattling the window next to my desk. This is a good time to turn to some positive thoughts and look back at the blessings in the week.

1.  Sawyer turned 2! ~ We are sooo blessed to have this little guy in our lives. How quickly the time went from this . . .

to this. . . !  His birthday was yesterday and we sang to him on Facetime;)

2.  So many happy moments at Christmas this year. It was a little different for us in that only one of our kids was in town. But it made it special to spend so much time with Emily and Marcus and their kids, just the six of us.

3.  A talented son-in-law. A couple of months ago, my son-in-law Sam presented me with a drawing of Lilly! He is such a talented artist, using colored pencil and ink. Yesterday, I got a mat and frame for it and it will be the focal point for a wall collage that I'm putting together.

4. Time with good friends. Last night, Dan and I met our friends Rick and Pam for dinner. We have such a long history and there is always so much laughter. Their presence in our lives is a blessing indeed.

5.  Time off after a holiday.  I've had the luxury of several days off this week, and it has been heavenly! Initially, I planned to use the time to get through a long to do list. However, I guess I got lazy, and instead did some errands, along with shopping some after-Christmas sales and just enjoying some downtime.

Happy New Year to all, especially to the Friday Fave Five crew! Wishing you joy and good health in 2018!


Mildred said...
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Willow said...

Downtime is always good. I'm glad you are resting and enjoying your days off.
Sawyer is such a cutie! Happy Birthday to him.
Wow, your son-in-law is a gifted artist. That's a great drawing!
Happy New Year!

Faith said...

Downtime this week has been an absolute fave for me!! A plus of being a teacher is all the school holidays­čśť

Sawyer is so adorable!!

that painting is beautiful.....such talent!

i love getting together with good friends.

Happy New Year!!

Mereknits said...

Sawyer is so adorable. My goodness the drawing of Lilly is amazing, you are right he is talented. I worked three days last week and it was so hard. Everyone was off, the children, their parents. I was soooooo tired after it was all over. So today I put away Christmas and cleaned like a crazy woman, I still have a bit more to do tomorrow as I like it to be fresh from the New Year to start. Happy New Year.

Barbara H. said...

I am very late visiting this week! Happy birthday to Sawyer! What a cutie! I love that week after Christmas for decompressing and resting and getting ready for the New Year. I love the holidays, but I do get worn out, so the quiet time that follows is helpful.

What a great drawing! Your son-in-law is very talented!

So glad you had a good Christmas with many special moments!