Friday, October 27, 2017

October Friday Favorites

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. (L.M. Montgomery)

Thinking back on the week past and some of the special moments I'm thankful for, I'm linking up with Friday's Fave Five.

1. Drinking in the final days of this glorious month. Months ago, when Dan and I made plans for our trip to Wisconsin, I felt a slight twinge of regret that we would miss half of this beautiful month here in Colorado. However, being in the Midwest more than made up for it.

2. Celebrating Dan's birthday on Tuesday. It's so fun having the grandkids over for celebrations such as these. They make everything an event! They helped blow out the candles, and clapped their hands for the birthday song. Then, they helped Dan open his presents, which resulted in tissue paper all over the floor, and then an impromptu game of catch with wadded up tissue.

3. I had a dentist appointment yesterday to get a cavity filled. As I lay back in the chair, trying not to wig out from the shrill piercing sound of the drill, I thought about how I went to the same dentist from the time I was a child until my own kids were starting with Dr. B.  He was the nicest, kindest man. I guess that's why I've never really gotten used to going to any other dentist. The young man (does that make me sound old?) that I see now is terrific, and I'm grateful for people who are dedicated to taking care of other's people teeth! It would not be something I would like to do.

4. We live in an area that is popular for hot air ballooning. This morning I noticed about six of them floating in along in the sky. I took this picture through the sunroof in my car, at a stoplight, of course.  Seeing balloons always makes me smile.

5.  Unexpected movie night. Last night, I was channel surfing, hoping to find something to keep me in my chair instead of getting up to do something, and I came across the movie The Perfect Storm, with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. I've always wanted to see it, so I spent the  next two hours mostly enjoying it, but often with my hands over my face and peering between my fingers. Oh my gosh, it's a good movie, but edge-of-your seat through much of it!

How was your week?


Susan said...

Hi Karen,
I should be packing and getting ready for vacation, but I am taking a break to see the FFF blessings. I probably won't get to mine before I go.

I was part of a FB black and white photo challenge this past week. You air balloon photo is a perfect candidate. How fun that you get to see them throughout the year. I got to go one time and it was spectacular.

I saw The Perfect Storm a number of years ago. And I watched it the same way, through my fingers. It is a movie you won't forget. So glad you got to take a rest to see it.

Happy belated birthday to your husband. It sounds and looks like it was a good one. That is nice you didn't miss out on fall colours when you vacationed in the midwest. And that is so true, grandkids DO make everything an event.

Have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

Love the photo of the fall leaves! It is such fun to have grandchildren at special events - they make it so much more special. We don't have cake often, and when I had a small one recently "just because," my 3-yr-old grandson said, "Sing happy birthday song?" I guess we had only had cakes on birthdays, so it must be somebody's birthday!

We see an older dentist who is transitioning his practice to his daughter. She's all right - I was just used to him. I wouldn't want that job, either, so I am glad there are people who do.

I have not seen that movie, but it sounds like a good one. We used to live near an area that had a hot air balloon festival once a year - so fun to see them in the air.

Mildred said...

I love the fall leaves and balloon pictures. Your husband's birthday with the family sounds like a lot of fun! We were fortunate when we moved last year to find a very gentle, kind dentist within a mile of our home. I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Karen said...

I love the see the hot air balloon race over Louisville KY each spring. They look peaceful and quiet up there. You were sure blessed to have a nice gentle dentist growing up. (I didn't)
I enjoyed your beautiful photos. Have a great weekend.

Faith said...

oh we LOVE The Perfect Storm!! we saw it when it first came out on dvd and of course with hubby being from the south shore of Blston and my oldest who went to Gordon College, we have been to Gloucester many times and have posed in front of the statue of the sailor that the movie story is based on. it is a beautiful north shore village.

I did NOT like my dentist growing up...he was terrbile and actually has been named in lawsuits. my dentist for the past 27 years is a great family dentist and we all really like him. glad you have a good one too!

how fun to live near your gramdchildren so they can celebrate events with you.

have a wonderful weekend!

Dianna said...

Karen, what fun to live close enough to the grandkids that they can come over and make an event of most anything. It had to make Dan's day special to have them there and helping him
celebrate his birthday!

I love seeing hot air balloons! Last weekend was the big balloon fest in Morgantown (WV). I decided not to go because my hubby was busy with something else. One of my brothers went and said it was a good time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mari said...

I've never seen The Perfect Storm, but I think I would like it.
I love your hot air balloon shot!

Wendy said...

Great photos especially the hot air balloon. Sounds like a fun birthday party. I'm a total coward when it comes to the dentist. I do make myself go for checkups but I hate having anything done. Enjoy your weekend.

Mereknits said...

It sounds like you have had a beautiful week.

Willow said...

Taking photos through the open sun roof--hmm, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the idea! :) We occasionally have hot air balloonists, but not as often as you--last week we wondered where they landed since it didn't seem to be a usual route.
Happy Birthday to Dan! What a joy to share it with grandchildren.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Happy birthday to your Dan. I live in New England and would never want to miss October here.