Monday, October 2, 2017

Hello, October

This picture of Sawyer, taken by Miranda last fall, is one of my all-time favorites. 

Yesterday we welcomed October with a beautiful fall day. It was a bit foggy at daybreak, giving the backyard a mystical, surreal quality to it, like a Secret Garden.

Then, the sun came out, and we had a reprieve from the rain that has been dogging us all week. Dan has been eager to start construction on his workshop in the backyard, and the weather finally cooperated.  Joe and Sam came over and, with a two-person drill, they dug out the holes for the caissons that will be the base of the structure.  I don't have any pictures, but imagine muddy shoes, piles of muddy clay dug up from the earth, and four perfect holes as a result, and you get the idea.

In the meantime, I made a batch of blueberry muffins.  Emily and Marcus and the kids arrived as they were coming out of the oven. My dad stopped by a little later, and we had coffee and muffins on the back porch. It was a gorgeous, perfect day to welcome October.

In the afternoon, I picked the rest of the peppers and squash from the garden, as well as a bunch of Roma tomatoes. And basil. I made a big batch of tomato and basil soup, and Dan and I each had a bowl with muffins while watching the Rockies game.

Another oldie but goody, this photo was taken a year ago -- Joe and Sam checking out the venue for the wedding.  The leaves are changing more slowly this year, with most of the trees still green. In a couple of weeks, it will look more like this burst of color.

I'm ready for a good book with a fall setting! I just finished two books that were both set in winter in mountain wilderness areas.  They were both excellent -- Charles Martin's The Mountain Between Us, (I think the movie is coming out soon, if it's not out already). And Lynn D'Urso's Heartbroke Bay. This is an older book that I came across at the library. It is set in 1898 Alaska Territory, and based on a true story. An Englishwoman and her husband set out with three other men to pan for gold, only to find themselves stranded and fighting for survival. The true nature of each character is revealed and the plot takes an eerie turn. The story is so vivid, and the descriptions so beautiful. You'll need a cup of hot chocolate to stay warm while reading it.

It was a good day all around. Today, the rain is back, but there's plenty of soup left!


Mildred said...

Such a precious photo of Sawyer. We are finally enjoying Autumn weather here in GA, too.
Thanks for the book reviews. The next several months will be perfect for reading and drinking hot chocolate!

Melanie said...

We're having beautiful and warm weather here in northern IL, too but looks like cooler temps and rain will finally be moving in starting Wed. We desperately need the rain. We don't even have a color change here yet. All the leaves that are falling from the trees are brown and crispy. The grass looks and feels like straw.

I can't imagine how delicious tomato and basil soup is with fresh ingredients from your garden! The one soup I forgot to make this summer was gazpacho. I can't believe I forgot!

Thanks for the book suggestions. I'm going to go look them up on amazon right now.

Mari said...

All your photos are beautiful today. And Sawyer? Absolutely adorable!

Cherdecor said...

That picture of Sawyer is just the cutest! Fall in your part of the country is so beautiful.

Melinda said...

Great pics!
Our leaves are beginning to change
just started seeing this yesterday.
I think your rain came to us, today
was a rainy day with more for the next
two days.

I am looking forward to Christmas books.

M : )