Friday, September 29, 2017

Rainy days, movies, flannel and lattes

Is it really Friday already? I'm joining the Friday Fave Five bunch, looking back over my week and counting some blessings.

1. My nephew Tommy is a teenager! Whoa, how did that happen so fast? We celebrated his birthday last night with pizza and cake.

2.  Earlier this week, I spent a rainy afternoon at a movie by myself.  I saw Home Again with Reese Witherspoon. Honestly? It was not one of her best movies and I'm glad I had a coupon so the ticket was free! It was silly and predictable, but the tub of popcorn and box of Milk Duds made it the perfect afternoon.

3. I'm having the best time using my senior discount at the local thrift store. (It's like Kohl's, where they consider you a senior at 55. But that's not really a senior citizen is it? So, it's like we get to ease into being a senior, right?).  Anyhoo, I've been visiting on senior day and buying books for my grandkids, building up a nice little library.

4. On a more serious note, Dan and I have been recording the Ken Burns series on the Vietnam War. We both enjoy history, and Burns is of course the master at telling it. The thing that has struck me the most is the still photos of civilian life at the time -- the school kids and the suburbs, which was my life. It is such a sharp contrast, this fairy tale life I had, and what these young American soldiers were going through. It makes me so ashamed. I guess it seems like an odd thing to list as a blessing for the week. But, I feel blessed that stories like these are told, and that -- please God -- we have the opportunity to learn from them.

5. Hot lattes and plaid flannel shirts. It's been the perfect week for these. I just love fall.

How was your week?


Susanne said...

Pizza and cake...perfect celebration food! Happy birthday to your nephew. Sorry the movie was a dud but yay for the movie food. So sweet that you are building up a library for your grandkids. I have yet to get me a flannel shirt!

Leslie said...

Sounds like a great Fall week. Sorry about the movie ( thanks for the heads up) but at least the popcorn was good!! : )
Have a great weekend.

Oh.. and happy birthday to your nephew

Susan said...

Being able to build up a library for the grand kiddos using a senior discount is wonderful I should look to see if the thrift stores in my area have a senior discount day and at age is a "senior." Thanks for putting that idea out there.

Learning history from a master storyteller sure makes it easier and more compelling to learn the lessons our (personal, national, and global) past atrocities.I am also grateful we have such folks around. I haven't seen this series - yet. But it is on the to-watch list.

I like going to the movies by myself as it is relaxing and I don't have to worry if I laugh or scream too loudly. Since the movie wasn't all that great, it is a great thing that you had a coupon. Isn't it great that popcorn and candy never disappoint.

Have a good week.

Dewena said...

I haven't watched the show, know it has been amazing as I've had a cousin filling us in on it on FB, and will try to watch when they rerun it sometime during fundraising season.

But as my young married days were spent in that time, it is very vivid to me. The harrowing body count every night on the evening news, friends going and not coming home, the chaotic atmosphere in the US all during the time. My main thought about it ever since then has been: for what? all the lives lost, soldiers maimed, children growing up without their dads? It's still so very real to me because it seemed to go on for ages.

I'm glad to know about the movie! She's such a darling actress and I loved her in Sweet Home Alabama and as June Carter. Hope she gets some more good roles like them in the future. I've always been interested in her as she's a Nashville girl. And I want to go see her new store in Nashville soon--whether I can afford to buy anything in it or not!

Cherdecor said...

Happy Birthday to Tommy! I have a nephew, Tommy also.
I enjoyed reading your list of thankfulness. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Melinda said...

This Senior citizen thing gets me. I don't feel like one at 54 and
I'm just not ready to take advantage yet (when I hit 55 later next
month). Vanity I guess. But it is a great way to get that library

We aren't in flannel weather yet--80's tomorrow and Tuesday.
So looking forward to cooler weather.

I haven't seen this series but I am sure it is good. I bet it
is interesting to see pics of the time span.

M : )