Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites

As much as I don't like to wish the seasons and my life away, I am looking forward to the cooler temps of September. Here are a few favorites from the last week of August.

1. A night at the ballpark. Dan and I went to see the Rockies play the Detroit Tigers one evening this week. The weather was so perfect -- clear and a cool breeze. The park has been sold out almost all summer, but on this night it wasn't quite so crowded, so we walked around the concourse and watched the game from different areas, just to get some exercise.

2. Going to the library with Brooklynn. I'm trying to make it a weekly outing, taking Brooklynn to the children's library. Wow, it's so different from when my kids were little, with an entire play area of educational and interactive toys. It's been fun having her to myself;) and it gives her a chance to play with other kids, and without her 17-month-old little brother trying to get in the middle of what she's doing all the time.

3. Brunch with friends on Saturday. I met up with three of my besties from junior high/high school days. We get together about once a year or so, whenever Ann (the out-of-towner) is here. So many life changes through the years!

4. Watching Bentley eat ice cream.

5. Taking Lilly to the vet and having that chore behind me for another year! She is such a nervous Nellie. She hides behind me and won't let the vet look at her. He coaxes her with cookies, and she spits them out at him. Trying to get her weight is a challenge in itself because she dances all over the scale. He basically waves his stethoscope around her and tells me her heart and lungs are fine, and I assure him her teeth and eyes are fine, too. If it weren't for the fact that she needs shots and heart worm meds, I would be inclined to forget the whole affair, and I let them take her in the back room (for some reason, Lilly loves the vet tech, Morgan) to draw blood and give her the shots. We are in and out in 14 minutes. It's probably the fastest $254 dollars this vet has ever made.

How was your week? Happy September to all!

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Barbara H. said...

Going to the library with my kids was a regular outing when they were little. I met up with my son and his family once when they took my grandson - brought back such fun memories! Looks like Bentley is enjoying that ice cream! The brunch and ball game sound like great outings. Had to smile at your description of the vet visit!

Faith said...

Oh i went to the library every week with my girls when they were little and loved it!! As they got older we would go once a month. Now when they are home they will sometimes go with me and hopefully if I am ever a grandma I will take my future grandchild(ren)!! It sounds wonderful!

The little one with the ice cream is adorable!!

I too am liking the cooler temps and no high humidity!! And the sun has been simply glorious here in eastern NYS.

Ballgames are fun. My husband and I really need to go to one next summer as this summer was jammed pack with other adventures.

Happy Long Weekend!!

Susan said...

Your photos of Bentley eating ice cream brought a smile to my face. It is evident he loved it.

Library time is wonderful. What a fun and wonderful way to spend time with your granddaughter. When my grand daughter was younger, there was a Spanish speaking program. The librarian would read, sing and direct play time all in Spanish. unfortunately that librarian got moved to a different branch and no one took this class over.

I never thought about changing seats at a ball game for the exercise. What a great idea.

14 minutes for a vet visit is indeed a record. How nice to have this chore over for another year.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Melinda said...

Sounds like you are as busy as ever.
At least they find a way to get your pup
checked out without too much trauma.

Libraries are so fun and you are right
even they have changed over the years.
Like everything else.

M : )

Willow said...

I had to laugh about your dog--fastest $$ the vet ever made. Funny puppy!
You are so blessed to live near those adorable grandchildren. What fun to take them to go special things like the library.
Our weather has been so hot and humid. Cool and breeze are welcome words!

Susanne said...

What a wonderful outing for you and Brooklyn. I miss going to the library with my kids when they were little. Your furball sounds like ours. Another thing we have in common. Ours won't let the vet touch them with the stethoscope either and forget the whole thermometer experience! He too won't touch the treats the vet trys to offer and the vet even sat on the floor for I don't know how long offering him a cookie. We tried a new vet last time and the vet tech was really good but Todd was still scared and fear aggressive. It's almost embarrassing. LOL. Bentley looks like he is enjoying that ice cream!

Susanne said...

P.S. Your blog is working in my feed now and linking correctly. I had to delete and resubscribe it several times but I think it's got it, hopefully for good.

Melanie said...

It's been unseasonably cool here in northern IL - only in the 60's! Tonight it's going down to 46 - way too cold, too soon. I hear ya on the vet visits. I've been at those visits with two of my cats (I have three) way too often lately. My oldest guy (18!) has been having to see an eye vet ($$$) plus he has hyperthyroidism and toxoplasmosis; and now my female cat has a skin issue and has to see a vet dermatologist tomorrow! More $$$. What can you do...have to take care of the fur babies, too.

Leslie said...

Lily is a Springer Spaniel right? Reading your story reminds me of my grandparents Springer named Thunder. He was crazy at the vets. lol. So many great things happening .. your lunch reunion sounds fun!! I love hooking up with my old friends. Have a great weekend.

Dewena said...

We just went through the annual vet visit with our dachshunds, so just double your bill!

We've had record breaking lows here in Nashville this week and I have loved every minute of it, windows open and no AC running. But it's back to real life this weekend, edging up towards 90 for a week at least.

Ice cream and library visits! Heavenly!