Sunday, September 24, 2017

El Dorado County, California

It's hard to believe that, just a week ago, we were in sunny California. I thought I would share some more pictures from our trip.

We left on a Thursday to attend a birthday party for Dan's sister Carol.  Carol and her wife Sonia live about an hour and a half's drive east of Sacramento in El Dorado County.  The eastern part of the county was the site of the start of the California gold rush in the 1840s, and the western part extends into the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and beautiful Lake Tahoe. There's a lot to explore!

Carol and Sonia, and their friends Paul and Vicki, bought a vineyard a couple of years ago, so we were excited to visit and see it for the first time. While the acreage has been producing grapes for some time, there was lots to be done on the physical structures. They have added a barrel room, are in the process of constructing a tasting room, and they've cleaned up the property and grafted a large portion of the vines with different varietals. For pictures and more info on their progress, here's the website for Bom Vinho Vineyards.

Dan and I stayed at the Seven-Up Guest Ranch in Fair Play. It's a lovely, peaceful spot, off the main road. The only sounds we heard were song birds, a few wild turkeys, and the occasional mooing of a cow. The guest cabins are rustic, but very comfy with quilts on the beds and rocking chairs on the porches. We were served a yummy breakfast each morning in the main cabin.

On Friday, we had the day to ourselves to explore.  We visited a few wineries, of course!

We also drove to Placerville to do a bit of shopping and have lunch.  Then we headed back to Carol and Sonia's in time for the festivities on Friday night, which included a spaghetti dinner and a blue grass band.  That was just the beginning of the party. The real fun was on Saturday, when there were games galore, and a catered barbecue and DJ.

Not only do Carol and Sonia make wine, but they sing, too! and we were treated to some lovely harmonies sung by the two of them and their group -- the Post Minstrels.

The games were such a hoot. We played human foosball . . . (yes, that's a flamingo on my head. Did I mention the dress was Hawaiian garb and/or crazy hats?)

There was beer pong, on a larger scale, too . . .

Joe and Sam were there. We had such a good time with those two!

And a 'selfie scavenger hunt', where we were given 10 things to find on the grounds, and take a selfie  with a partner. Sam and I paired up and won a bottle of champagne:)

In between the fun and games, there was some fun work to do, in stomping grapes, pressing and stemming . . .

There was plenty of time for relaxing. Here we are with Dan's brother Mike, and wife Debbie. . .

. . . taking in the beautiful view.

We're looking forward to going back -- in 2019 if not before. That's when the first batch of Bom Vinho wine will be bottled. 



Mari said...

What a beautiful vacation! The cabin looks cozy and those vineyards are so pretty!

Dianna said...

What beautiful grapes hanging from those vines! Oh, my! It looks as if everyone had a good time and I'm glad you and your husband were able to get away.

Leslie said...

What an amazing trip!!! I love all of the fun you all had. the photos are great!!!

Melinda said...

Fun times and great memories for sure!!

M : )