Monday, August 7, 2017

Rainy Monday

It feels like summer has come to a screeching halt. Looking out the window, the skies are heavy and gray, and drizzling rain makes the world look like April and not August. It's a cool 62 degrees, and I doubt we'll hit 70 today.

Dan took the day off today, so it doesn't even feel like a Monday. I'm glad he did, as we had a very busy weekend watching the grandkids, which is so much fun, but leaves little time for our own stuff. Not just the fun stuff, but the necessary weekend stuff. So, he's off today, and I'm so glad for him.

I'm torn between staying home all day and finding something in the freezer to whip up for a nice, hot supper -- and going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for a fall recipe I've been wanting to try. And I'm thinking about the cucumbers that are out in the garden, the ones I saw yesterday and made a mental note to go out and pick today before they get any bigger, so I can make another jar of refrigerator pickles. We've been scarfing those things down like crazy. They're so good!

I have a couple of rose bush clippings that I got from my brother's backyard on Saturday. One is from a rosebush that originally grew in my grandparents' backyard in New Jersey!, and the other is a climbing rose that is so lush and heavenly scented. My dad planted it in the backyard at our family home, so I want to see if I can get both of those growing in my yard. Right now they are sitting in a vase, soaking up some water. But with this rain expected all week, it would be a good time to put them in some dirt pots outside and let them take root.

I know of a couple of things on my agenda today -- besides laundry and sorting out the pantry (I open the cupboard to an avalanche of boxes of spaghetti and cereal and snack bars, it's at that stage.)  It's a good day for a cup of coffee and a phone call with Pamela, and also a good day to curl up with a book.  I'm in the middle of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. It's the choice for our town's One Book series this year. The library carries about a hundred copies so there are lots of copies for residents to check out. Then in November there is an author event along with discussion groups.  Our book club decided to read the book for our August meeting.  It's not something I would choose on my own, but I'm so glad we're reading it. It's a page turner!

How is Monday looking in your neck of the woods?


Karen said...

Yes, it almost felt like Fall the last few mornings. Hope you and your hubby enjoy your quiet rainy Monday.

Melinda said...

We have had the rain (a lot) of it and the cool
temps. I'll take those temps with school starting soon.
Not fun when it is so hot!

Those roses sound awesome such a background they have!

Enjoy your rainy day!

M : )

Dianna said...

How precious that you could have a start for roses from your grandmother's and your family's homes! What a treasure! We had a very rainy start to our day here too. I went to visit my mother today. Have a wonderful week, Karen!

Mari said...

We had a very cool weekend but it's warmer today.
Your roses are just gorgeous! I always love to see them with raindrops.

Melanie said...

We had your cool weather on Sunday. Today it was still cool for this time of year, but got into the low 70's with some sprinkles of rain. The sun came out towards evening. Tomorrow, back up to 80. I'm not ready to start with the fall cooking yet! :-)

Leslie said...

The mornings here have been unbelievably nice and a quiet reminder that fall is on its way. Of course it will probably be 100' in October. Your Monday plans sound great.. I hope that you were able to enjoy it.
I'm gonna check out a copy of the book... thanks for sharing.
Have a great Wednesday.

Susan said...

Wow - after reading your post, I felt like I had a good visit with a friend. All I needed was a cup of tea(Which I will go get in a minute).

How marvelous to have the rose cuttings and with such history (and yummy smells). I am interested in growing a rose bush from a cutting. You reminded me to Google this as it has been on my to-try list for quite a while now.

Yummm on refrigerator pickles. I have been drinking the juice from my jars by sipfulls. It is supposed to be good for leg cram[s and believe it or not, it has helped me.

I hope your week has been great.