Sunday, May 7, 2017

This and that

Outside my window: Sunny and warm
Listening to: Blake Shelton Based on a True Story
Feelin': Lazy

This weekend was the unofficial start of garage sale season in our town.  As I drove to an appointment on Friday,  hand printed signs were posted at every intersection.  I noticed one pointing to the house next door to the first home that Dan and I bought.  The couple that lives there had always been so kind, so I stopped just to say hello.  Come to find out, they are now living in an assisted living center, and the sale was being run by their daughter. We talked for a few minutes and then I hurried off to my appointment.

Yesterday, I was torn between going to garage sales and working in the yard to prepare the gardens for planting.  The gardens won out.  While Dan set down some stone pavers in the backyard, I put fresh dirt in the raised beds, trimmed some of the old growth from the perennials, and felt brave enough to plant Slavias, a little rosebush that my cousin sent us for Easter, and even some basil plants.  The temperatures will be nice throughout the week, but I'm still waiting to buy bedding plants and to put in the larger rosebushes. For now, I'm thrilled to see the perennial garden, now in it's third year, coming along nicely. Sweet woodruff, columbine, and hostas seem to grow leaps and bounds by the day.  I picked up an Easter lily from the church last weekend -- after Easter, the vestibule is filled with plants for the taking -- and I added it to Lilly's Garden, which also includes day lilies and lily of the valley.

Dan and I worked together to wash windows yesterday afternoon.  What a job!  Afterward, he said it was a lot of work and one of those jobs that doesn't look like you accomplished a lot. But it makes such a difference to me, especially looking out the window over the kitchen sink. By the end of the day we were both exhausted, so I made quesadillas and we settled in to watch the Rockies on TV, and it was a win for the team.  Not a bad way to end the day.


Patti said...

Gary and I worked together yesterday too. We weeded the flower gardens and pruned back some of the rose bushes. By working together, we feel like we at least made a dent in the jobs needing to be done. I'm finding that just as we worked together in the yard in the days before children, now in our empty nest years, we are doing so again.

It's garage sale season here too. I noticed a lot of subdivisions were having their neighborhood garage sales this past weekend. When we lived in Florida, almost the entire year was garage sale season!

Have a blessed week,

Mildred said...

Hi Karen, That sounds like a good day to me. So happy your perennials are coming back strong. I can reach most of our windows and it makes such a difference to have them sparkling clean! Our cats and dog get nose prints on most of the windows! lol
Hope you will have a nice week.

Mari said...

I love a day like that! It feels good to go to bed, knowing everything you have accomplished.

Keira said...

Lovely day! Great time!

Dianna said...

It sounds as if you have a very productive day in the yard and getting windows washed. I am looking forward to soon being able to finish up my spring cleaning.

I hope you will post pictures of your Lilly's Garden at some point so we can enjoy your labors of love there, as well as your other endeavors when you put out your bedding plants. It is still a bit too early here to do that, as well. Our themometer registered at 37 this morning but I heard my husband scraping ice off the windshield of the car this morning. Tonight is to be colder still.

Have a lovely week, Karen!

Melinda said...

Sounds like a busy time for you both.
Looking forward to pictures.
We did some of the same stuff yesterday.
I have to plant in containers because
our soil is too acidic for flowers.

M : )

Cherdecor said...

You really did get a lot of work done! The day before our ten days of rain, we had planted and transplanted plants, cleaned the yard and flower beds. I don't do much of it any more so my husband does most of it. We had frost this week so we are glad that we didn't plant any annuals yet. We are always in too much of a hurry to get plants into the ground then a frost comes and we have to cover them with sheets. This year, we got smart! Maybe we will wait until July to buy flowers. Haha!