Saturday, May 20, 2017

Santa Fe

A week ago I was in Santa Fe with my Aunt Ann.  We drove down on Friday, taking the scenic route through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  It took a little longer, but it really is a pretty drive along the Sawatch Range and then the Sangro de Cristo Range. Road trips are the best. We stopped for coffee, stopped to take photos, and then at the very southern most part of the state, we stopped in Conejos to see the oldest church in Colorado.  This is somewhat disputed, because the original building  burned down and was reconstructed in 1926.  However, the parish has been in existence since 1858, and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is beautiful in its simplicity.  The acoustics are perfect, and a softly whispered "Amen" as you enter can be heard throughout the church. (This I learned from another visitor).

We stayed the first two nights of our trip at the Hotel St. Francis in Santa Fe.  It is a block off of the Plaza, the heart of the historic district.  The hotel has a big, beautiful front porch that is the perfect place to people watch and enjoy the beautiful Santa Fe air.

Secreto's, the hotel restaurant serves the most delicious and exquisite food.  But, what brought us back for the second night was the margaritas! Unfortunately, Secreto's Smoked Sage Margaritas have spoiled me for good. I'll never be quite satisfied with a regular old margarita again.  They blend the finest tequila with Brazilian Orange Liqueur and lime juice. Then, a sage leaf is smoked and infused into the margarita.  It has the most delicious flavor.

In the morning, we took a wonderful tour  and saw highlights of the city. After that, we walked to the areas that interested us most. The first place, not knowing what to expect, was the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.  I'm no art connoisseur, however, I think the $13 spent for my ticket could have been better spent elsewhere. (Perhaps on another margarita!)

The surrounding galleries and architecture were beautiful.  This origami horse is made of steel, but doesn't it look like folded paper?

Rock, paper, scissors. . .

I loved all the adobe buildings and the turquoise blue trim.  There's a story that blue doors and windows keep away evil spirits. As for the adobe, apparently the rule in Santa Fe is that your house can be any color you like -- as long as it matches the color of earth it sits on;)

This sculpturist was working on several projects.  I'm sure you can tell who the bust is. . .

He was also working on a smaller version of this Indian maiden.

Beautiful architecture and pretty blue skies all around.

I loved this! He took me by surprise, he looks so real!

This is part of a much larger, life-sized sculpture honoring all of those who traveled the Santa Fe Trail. It was exciting to see the area where the wagons all finally arrived.

St. Francis is the patron saint of Santa Fe.  This is his likeness in front of the Cathedral Basilica named for him.

These are the doors to the Cathedral, followed by a close-up of one of the panels, and a photo of the inside. The whole city is just a work of art.

Tomorrow, I'll share some more pictures of our day in Taos.



Mildred said...

Amazing architectural details. So glad you two had a nice trip and pretty weather.

Mereknits said...

Hi Karen, I am trying to get caught up. So glad you are having a lovley time of it, great phone calls with your kids, a wonderful trip with your Aunt. But snow? It seems late for that. Hugs to you,

Dewena said...

I enjoyed this so much, Karen! I wanted terribly to visit there when I was younger but never did, so I love the pictures you showed and hearing some of your excitement and thoughts on it. The history and architecture are fascinating! I'm surprised the O'Keeffe museum was not that great but you sure have me wanting to taste that margarita. How was the weather there, as wonderful as I always think it would be?

Mari said...

That church is beautiful! And the artist is very talented. Sounds like you had fun!

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting me, Karen, and thanks for these great photos. I've never been out west, so this tour is delightful. I love the architecture and art there. Looking forward to more pics tomorrow.

Cherdecor said...

Everything about your trip is so beautiful! I do not get out much so if you don't mind, I will just ride along with you! The church is so lovely and the scenery is lovely out there. I heard about the snow in CO. Looking forward to more pics!