Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fresh blooms

I have some pictures to post from the weekend, but I hit the floor running when we got home yesterday. So, until I get my thoughts and photos organized, here are a few pictures of what bloomed in the garden while I was gone.

Last fall, my friend Diane gave me some Columbine from her garden.  This yellow one is very small and dainty, and rich in color.

Winnipeg Parks is a pretty cherry pink rose that is hearty and blooms all summer long.

Not a very good picture of the one and only poppy so far.  It's really a much deeper orange than this, but I'm excited because I put the plant in last fall and it appears to be healthy and happy;)

And Lily of the Valley! Success at last!

  Emily and Marcus and the babies brought this miniature rose bush over yesterday for Mother's Day. You can be sure I will find the perfect spot for it:)

I think the lovely rain this weekend pushed all of the plants forward a bit. Believe it or not, we might get some snow later this week.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it won't do any damage.


Mari said...

Such pretty flowers! I love poppies, but we can't seem to get them to grow here. However, our lily of the valley is threatening to take over the back yard. :)

Dianna said...

Yay for the Lily of the Valley getting a good start. I know that I babied mine, that came from the original plantings of my grandmother's, for a long time before it finally decided to spread.

The rose and poppy are so pretty and love the new rose you were given for Mother's Day.

Cherdecor said...

Your flowers are doing swell! We are having some high temperatures now so our knock out roses are knocking themselves out! I love your rose bush you got for Mother's Day. We love roses. We had 45 different kinds in our gardens in our yard in PA. We had nothing in our yard here in Ohio so we bought some knock out roses.