Thursday, May 11, 2017

6 things

Outside my window: Damp and cloudy
Listening to: Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
Feelin': Mellow

1.  Yesterday on my way to work, I dropped by the library to return an overdue book.  I have a lot of overdue books, and it isn't just because I'm forgetful.  I like to keep them for as long as I can, as there is a weird kind of satisfaction in knowing that I can break the rules and only have to pay 5 cents a day for doing so. Sick, I know. Anyway, the library is set next to a park with a little pond. Every Spring the pond attracts flocks of pelicans.  It's amazing to watch them, swimming in formation and then gathering in a circle, each one facing the middle, and in perfect choreography dipping their beaks into the water to look for fish. Who teaches them that? Yesterday, there was a Mama Pelican and about 8 babies.  She was swimming a few feet from the shore, and the babies were all very close to the shore, flapping about and trying to lift off into the air.  A couple of us sat and watched them for a while, and it was the best show in town.

2.  On Monday I bought some geranium plants from Costco. One of my favorite Spring rituals! All week long, we've had rain and some pretty fierce hailstorms. So, I've been shuffling the plants around the deck, out in the sun in the morning, under cover in the late afternoon.  Another week and then they will be planted in the big, heavy ceramic pots on the back deck and one on the front porch, and I will hope for fewer hailstorms.

3.  One of our clients came into the office yesterday with donuts for all of us. We have the loveliest clients.

4.  I've been volunteering at a pregnancy resource center for about two years now. Yesterday, I met with a young mom that I'll be mentoring.  I love meeting with 'my moms.' We have lessons that we go through together, lessons about parenting and faith and taking care of yourself. I learn so much from them, even though it's supposed to be the other way around.

5.  My friend Pam has the most beautiful Christmas cactuses (cacti?) Last December, I implored her to take my scrawny little plant home and teach it to grow and bloom.  A couple of weeks ago, she gave it back to me and it had two beautiful flowers and lots of buds.  Those buds are plump and ready to open now.  The plant sits on my desk and every morning I can see a little more progress.  Thank you, Pam;)

6. Tomorrow I'm leaving for a little road trip with my Auntie Ann.  We're going to one of my favorite places, Santa Fe, and I can't wait to experience it with her. We'll take the mountain route down there and stay for a few nights.  I will have lots of pictures when we get back.

Happy weekend to all,



Dewena said...

I had no idea there were pelicans in Colorado! I remember them always perching around outside cafes in the Gulf when we'd vacation there but I love them. Never saw a baby though. I hope you have a wonderful road trip to Sante Fe, want to see pics as that is someplace I would love to see but probably never will. Have fun!

Mildred said...

Hi, Your description of the pelicans sounds like they would bring a smile to anyone's face! I love geraniums but do not have good luck with them here in GA. I do love your Christmas cactus! I hope you and your Aunt have a wonderful trip and I look forward to you sharing about it later.

Melinda said...

Such fun times!

Enjoy your trip!!

: )

Melanie said...

How cool that you volunteer at a pregnancy resource center! Must be very rewarding work.

I have a Christmas cactus that only blooms once a year - and just a few blooms at that. I've tried various places around the house and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Have a great trip to Santa Fe! I've always wanted to go there - and Taos, too.

Keira said...

Looks like a great time! Enjoy! Have a nice weekend!

Patti said...

Your week sounds lovely, Karen! I'm sure your getaway will be the perfect ending to your beautiful week.

I'm surprised to learn that you have pelicans in Colorado. We had them in Florida, of course, but since moving to landlocked Idaho, I haven't seen any.

That's great that you volunteer at the pregnancy center. What a wonderful way to invest in the lives of young moms.