Friday, March 31, 2017

S'long March

Wow, it's the last day of March. How did that happen? I'm linking up with the Friday Fave Five crowd to take a minute, slow down, and be mindful of the good things that happened this week.

1.  We celebrated another birthday this week. Brooklynn turned 2! I guess with big families, there are lots of birthdays to celebrate. We do love a party.

2.  Last weekend, we gathered with the group we share Rockies tickets with, and chose our games for the season. Yay baseball . . . a sure sign of Spring:)

3.  Have any of you been following April the Giraffe? I'll admit it, I'm hooked. Giraffes and babies -- two of my favorite things. In a time when the news is so full of things that make my blood pressure go up, I love tuning in to see this graceful, beautiful creature and wonder how God come up with such a curious design!

4.  Another one of my favorite things -- my podiatrist.  Weird, I know, but I trust him with my feet, like no one else! I have a new 'bump' and saw him Tuesday. It's so comforting to have complete confidence in a doctor. (Am I old or what, sharing my bone spurs on my blog?)

5.  Last but not least, I am feeling blessed indeed that my children are so willing to help one another when in need.  Without any encouragement, or even knowledge of what was going on, one of my kids reached out to the other this week and is helping them through some challenges.  I'm not trying to take any credit here, it has nothing to do with me. I'm just proud of the adults they're becoming.

How was your week? Any funny bumps along the way??

Happy Friday.


Faith said...

enjoyed your list of faves...adorable granddaughter and yay for adult children helping one another...mine are 23 and 18 and still at home but the 23 yr old does help her younger sis from time to time...and it does my heart good to see it.

my husband was just checking the dates for the first Red Sox game...i guess it's Monday. He will need to be content to watch it on tv. Fenway is a 3 hour drive AND tickets are wicked pricy.

enjoy your weekend!!

Barbara H. said...

Happy birthday to sweet Brooklynn! I haven't been following the giraffe news personally, but I hear it mentioned on Facebook and blogs. I was amazed to learn that giraffes gestate for so long and baby giraffes are so big! I'm glad you have a good podiatrist that you are confident in. It's a blessing when our children do things like that.

Mildred said...

Happy 2nd birthday to sweet Brooklynn. She is so cute. It has been fascinating to tune in to watch the giraffes. So thankful you have a good podiatrist. What a blessing that your children reach out to one another. I wish you all a lovely weekend.
(as for bumps along the way...we had a terrible hail storm last week but thankfully our ins. co. is going to replace our roof!)

Dianna said...

Brooklyn is so sweet. Thank you for sharing her picture.

I understand how you feel about one of your kids helping another of them through some challenges...and that you are blessed to see them becoming responsible adults. Our kids are 43 and 40 and we are thankful for the responsible adults they have become, too.

Have a great weekend, Karen.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!
I'm been keeping an eye on April too. As I type this they are saying it could happen tonight!
It's a good thing to say your kids are god people. :)

Melinda said...

Glad that it is Friday and I don't have to work for two days!
It has been a very long dreary week. We got the rain we needed
now we need the sun to come OUT!
So looking forward to Baseball again sorely missed it.

It is always nice when we help each other. You guys have done a
great job as parents!!

Enjoy your weekend!

M : )

Willow said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Brooklyn! She's adorable!
I love seeing adult siblings help each other. You may not take credit for that, but I'm sure they give you credit for teaching them to value that.
I'm glad you'll be enjoying your baseball games.

Susanne said...

It is so heart warming when our adult children look out for each other! A big happy birthday to your sweet grandbaby! We have a little Brooklyn next door. Sharing is a great idea for the season tickets. Enjoy those upcoming games!