Monday, March 27, 2017


Yesterday I took a day trip with my friends Mary and Cindy. We drove up to the mountain town of Leadville to check out places for a rehearsal dinner for Mary's son Liam and his fiancee's wedding in July.

It was such a beautiful day, starting out as every road trip should with a stop at Starbucks to get coffee for the road.

The three of us have been friends since our kids were little. I met Mary in the school gym when we would sit on the floor and watch our sons play basketball.  Cindy and I met through a Bible study group, which Mary eventually joined, too. We met for the dozen or more years that our kids were all going through school. A couple of them are still in college. Though we don't see each other weekly anymore, we've become family for one another.  I love seeing these friends, and spending an entire day together was just a huge treat.

Cindy grew up in Leadville, a picturesque, historic little mining town that is at an elevation of 10,151 feet. We got the grand tour, including the house she grew up in and the church where she and Mike were married. We strolled the main street, stopped in at a variety of restaurants where the proprietors could not have been more friendly or helpful. And we did a little shopping. My husband would have been disappointed had I not;)

For lunch, we went back to our favorite restaurant that has a big patio out back with a gorgeous view. It would be a great place for a gathering. We stopped at a bakery to inquire about cakes, and to get coffee/tea/hot chocolate for the ride home.

Such a wonderful day, spending time with these two dear friends!


Anita said...

My 19 year old daughter was in Summit County Colorado during her spring break. She and a few others were there on a missions trip. I'm happy she had the opportunity to see your awesome mountains; ore of our beautiful country. Maybe she formed life long friendships while there as you and your friends have. Glad you had a special day!

Anita said...

Oh, I meant to add how your photos really captured the town's beauty.

Mildred said...

Hi Karen, What a blessing to enjoy a day with these special friends. Such a scenic town with lovely architecture. Maybe you can share some of your purchases soon.

Dianna said...

What a lovely treat for you, Karen! I am so glad that you were given the grand tour and that you and your friends were able to spend that day together...memories continue to be made!
Thanks so much for sharing...your photos are gorgeous!

Mari said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like such a charming town, and one I would love to spend time in.

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a beautiful day, and you three are gorgeous!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

We visited Leadville, CO several years ago while on a camping trip, and it was a beautiful town, we were struck by the loveliness of the downtown area too! How wonderful that you and your close friends from many years past could get together and spend such a fun day together! I still remember thinking about Leadville being the town with the highest elevation the USA, it felt amazing to visit there. I am happy to meet you today as I poked around blogland :)