Thursday, February 2, 2017


Today is Candlemas Day, marking the halfway point between Christmas and Easter. For Christians, it commemorates the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, and the Purification of the Virgin.  I have a vague recollection as a child, of candles being taken to church to be 'blessed' for use in the house the rest of the year.

In present day, this ancient holiday has been overshadowed by the silly tradition of Groundhog Day,  which I've always felt is much ado about nothing.  How much more meaningful is one of the pagan traditions for Candlemas, of marking the midpoint of winter by having someone dress up as a bear coming out of hibernation and terrorizing young girls in the community?

Today, I'm thankful to have Candlemas to remind me of light in the darkest of hours. On this icy and foggy day, a candle glows on the desk next to my computer.  In February and March, when the days are long and can be pretty dreary, I'm reminded that light comes in many forms.  A good book, a walk with my friend Joan, who makes me laugh like no one else, and spending time in the kitchen, cooking up delicious body warming meals.

Before long, I'll be planning the garden and looking for the first buds of spring.  But, for now, I'll seek the pleasures of this season, reminding myself that there's no time like the present.


Melanie said...

Lovely thoughts, Karen! I am not Catholic, but grew up and attended a Christian church most of my life (I don't go anymore), but we didn't "celebrate" this holiday that you spoke about. Maybe it's more of a Catholic thing? Anyway, there is so much symbolism in light, isn't there? We are instructed to let our light shine before others. And, of course, Jesus is the light of the world. Have a lovely week!

Mari said...

This isn't a holiday we ever celebrated either, but it was very interesting to read about!

Melinda said...

Apparently I missed this in my religious upbringing.
I agree with Mari. I love candle, they make everything
feel cozy.

I was looking at things outside today and see that the
plants are thinking about Spring. I hope they don't bloom
and then we get smacked with snow. None of which we have
had yet.

Happy weekend.

M : )

Dianna said...

I enjoy burning candles also...their glow just adds to the warmth that they provide in the area around them. I am in total agreement with you on Groundhog Day...much ado about nothing. Thank you for sharing about Candlemas.

Leslie said...

Karen, would you believe that I have never heard of this. How is it possible, I sent my children the catholic schools and attended church every sunday. lol. I guess it's been a while. I need to ask my girls about it.
Happy Candlemass. I agree, Ground hogs day is pretty pointless. : )

Dewena said...

I love having my own private Candlemas observance. I even had a photo saved for this year's posting, a gorgeous room long centerpiece of burning pillar candles at a restaurant we went to, but could not get my act together for resuming posting in time. Maybe next year.

I also can't resist watching Groundhog Day ever year!