Monday, February 20, 2017

A Daybook

FOR TODAY, Monday, February 20, 2017

 Outside my window . . . blue, cloudless skies. It's a school holiday, so the street is quiet and there aren't the usual groups of students walking and chattering, heading to the school a block away.

 I am listening to . . .the soundtrack for The Cider House Rules.

 I am thinking . . . that I'm going to attempt to rise above some worry that has been plaguing my mind this past week.  I'll hold the person in prayer in the morning and then try to let go.

 I am thankful . . .for my husband's handiwork.  This weekend, he made a knife block for a drawer in the kitchen -- much tidier and safer to be sure.  And a shelf for the laundry room.  He's a keeper.

One of my favorite things. . . my new sneakers. They're sooo comfortable. Great arch support.

I am creating. . . a sanctuary within my home.

I am watching . . . the Father Brown mystery series on PBS.

I am reading. . . The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

I am hoping. . . to finish up some desk work today, and still make time to get outside for a while and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

 In the kitchen . . . I am cooking up recipes for a family cookbook that my friend Pamela and I are putting together. Well, we're supplying the recipes and pictures. Her daughter Lori is our publisher!  Yesterday, I made Turkey Spinach Meatloaf.  And a batch of chocolate chip cookies, just because.  Tonight, I'm making Pecan Salmon and a spinach salad.

I am learning . . . to slow my pace a bit. That life isn't a race to the finish line. That I can be satisfied working on a project a little at a time. This is big for me!

 A moment from my day . . . snail mail! All the way from the UK, a sweet note from an Etsy shop regarding an order I put in.  I love postage stamps, so this was such a treat.

Post Script . . . I'm really struggling with Facebook these days. I turned off my account before the election, because I just couldn't handle all the political statements. Even from people I agreed with! it was so much sparring and trying to have the last word.  I'm back on, but now I find myself wanting to comment all the time about the state of our country and what's going on. I feel an obligation to speak out, however, I don't feel that FB is the forum for it.  I have a small circle of FB friends and I very much respect their opinions and don't feel that I need to educate any of them.  So, I'm trying to control my 'trigger finger' when I want to Like a post, just for the satisfaction of saying, "Yeah! Take that!"  I miss the old days when FB was just a social place to catch up with friends and family. And I feel that I've become one of the people who have steered away from that.


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Anita said...

I like the varied prompts and answers that seem to cover many aspects of your life.
The sound track you mentioned is the book that I'm half way in. I can't seem to get back to it because I get distracted by other books. But eventually, I will!

Anita said...

Oh, and best wishes with the cook book. How exciting it will be to see it published.

And last, I like stamps, too. Some day when I limit my interests, I'm going to begin collecting; philately.

Dianna said...

Karen, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Daybook! Worry...would we be human if we didn't worry? It is something that I ponder quite frequently. While I'm not as much of a worrier as I was before I met Jesus I do still have that tendency at times. I like your approach of praying in the morning and letting go.

Isn't it wonderful to be married to a handyman?

I left Facebook two years ago this month. I do miss seeing more pics of our granddaughters, and a couple of close friends, but other than that I do not miss it at all. I have heard of more and more people leaving Facebook...especially over politics. SO sad.

Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy some of that beautiful weather today!

Linda Hoye said...

I miss the "old" Facebook too. I enter with care these days and I feel it often has a negative impact on my peace of mind.

Mari said...

It's such a blessing to have a handy husband!
Those shoes are so cute! Are they comfortable? I need some new ones.
I'm still on FB but not spending near as much time there. I am having a hard time with the same things you mentioned.

Mereknits said...

I need to let go of a few worries myslef. I read that book and enjoyed it very much. Have a wonderful week.

Melanie said...

I like hearing the little things about your day and life. How awesome is that knife black that your husband made - lucky you!

Mildred said...

Hi Karen, I am friends with both Mari and Dianna and thought I would drop by to say "hi." You have a lovely blog. The knife block your husband made is ideal. I'll have to ask my husband to do the same. My late mom and I always loved the Father Brown mysteries. Just recently, I decided to close my fb account. I find that blogging is much "calmer" and a better place to share! I live in north Georgia. Have a nice evening. Mildred

peggy, the simple woman said...

Hello Karen, I enjoyed reading through your daybook! You have a pretty blog.