Thursday, January 12, 2017

Welcome 2017!

I'm declaring this week my personal new year.  I expected it would be hard to jump into new year's stuff with Joe and Sam's wedding following so close to Christmas.  So, here I am, straggling into the new year, a couple of weeks late, grateful for all of its newness and opportunity.

I should mention, that we still have a few Christmas decorations up outdoors (and our Christmas tree, though undecorated, sat in the living room until last night).  But, we are in good company in our neighborhood, and it's nice to see all the lights with the fresh snow we had last week.

Coming up with a word for 2017 has been hit or miss, but I've finally landed on one.  Last year, my word was Clarity. Oh, how I longed for perspective and clear vision in the midst of all the changes in my life. As the year evolved, I found that my word was changing though. About mid-way through, I found a quote that has been hanging on the bulletin board by my desk.

Am I trying to reinforce the Outcome
 or am I trying to
 reinforce the LOVE in this Relationship? 
                    (Kathi Lipp)

Without realizing it at the time, from that point on my word became Love.  The surest way to find clarity in a situation is to look for the love in it.  I thought my word for this year would be Love, and I sure need to keep working on it.  But, another word has presented itself instead.


I'm going to join Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary, and strive for peace, order and beauty, in my home. I'm a homemaker at heart, always have been. I love to nest, I love having a house filled with people I love and I love being just the two of us or all by myself at home. Now that it's just two of us, I'm inspired to find new routines, new recipes, new ways of doing things to make our house a haven from the busy world outside.

Rachel Anne is blogging three times a week on the topics of peace, order and beauty in your home. I'm going to be following right along.

Do you make New Year's resolutions or choose a word for the year? The Word for the Year is something I see a lot of these days, and it's always inspiring to hear what words others choose.


Dianna said...

Hello Karen,

This is my first time here at your lovely blog, but I can tell from reading just this one post that I am going to enjoy visiting here time and time again. We both love all things related to being a homemaker.

Thank you for Karen's link. I want to check that out and do my best to join in.

Dianna said...

p.s. I'm sorry...I said Karen's link...I meant Rachel. :)

Linda Hoye said...

Love your word choice, Karen. It brings to mind one I chose for 2012: inhabit.

Mari said...

I don't choose a word, although I often think I should. I do love the word sanctuary - such a wonderful thing to strive for in your home.
PS - I think you have a new profile pic? I love it!

Mereknits said...

I have a phrase I will be using and will blog about it soon. It came to me last year and I gave up on the four words I had picked for the year. They seemed forced. I am so glad you are getting Christmas down and put away. You have had much on your plate my friend. Hugs and Happy New YEar!

Patti said...

Sanctuary is an awesome word!!! Making my home a sanctuary of peace and rest is something I long to do.

I have never visited Home Sanctuary before. It's a lovely blog, and I am going to follow right along with you. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.