Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas favorites

Pausing for a few moments to join with Susanne and Friday Fave Five, and reflect on moments of gratitude for the week.

* Grateful for the self-mail kiosk at the post office! On Monday morning, the line for mailing packages was out the door. I don't know why more people don't use the self-mailing kiosk. There were only a few of us, and in a matter of minutes I had two packages on the way to Wisconsin. And even though I complain about the cost, it really isn't that much to mail a package of Christmas to some of my favorite people.

* Dan and I went to the Boulder Dinner Theatre on Wednesday and saw a wonderful performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie. We both enjoy musical theater and this was a great show with great music and amazing dance numbers.

*  Christmas cards.  We seem to receive fewer cards each year, but I sure love exchanging greetings with friends and family in the old traditional way.

*  The office at work, decorated for the holidays.  I should add that I love my job and the young women that I work with.  I always enjoy this time of year, when we play holiday music and decorate for the season.

*  Anticipating a fun day ahead, baking cookies with Emily and the grandbabies.  This should be fun, if not challenging!

What are your favorite moments from the week?



Barbara H. said...

We baked and decorated Christmas cookies with my little grandson last weekend - so much fun, though it did wear us out! It's neat that you can decorate your office and play Christmas music at work. I love having Christmas music on around the house while I'm doing other things. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, too, though I have noticed we receive fewer each year as well. I wish there were a self-mail kiosk at our Post Office!

Faith said...

i love christmas cards too and have noticed fewer cards the last few years, my own included!! i think it is because of social media.

baking with children is so much fun. i miss doing it with my girls (23 and 17) but at least now they actually bake or cook for ME!

enjoy your weekend!!

Wendy said...

I should have added watching my DILs reaction when a parcel arrived for her from her Mom. (DIL is American) Her Mom had sent her cookies. She was so delighted but also horrified at the mailing costs. Next year they will be in Vermont for Christmas but I'm going to instigate a cookie baking day so that in future her Mom might not feel obliged to send them. Not a tradition we have but I think it will be good to start it. You seem to have had a good week. Enjoy the weekend.

Jerralea said...

Yes, Christmas cards do seem to be more rare, but that just makes me treasure the ones I do get even more. I know how busy everyone is. That they would take time to actually mail me something is pretty special!

Happy baking!

Susanne said...

I love Christmas cards too and remember when I was a kid them covering every surface in the living room. Now if I get a few I'm lucky. So expensive to mail here in Canada, 80 some cents per card. I've never been to a dinner theatre but it sounds like a lovely evening out.