Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The gift of a day

Yesterday, I found myself with an unexpected free day. I usually have my two grandbabies on Mondays, but my son-in-law texted early in the morning to say that he had been called into work early and had to take the kids to their regular sitter.

Wow! The gift of a day. I had a few chores to do, but what a treat to be able to do them at my own pace and to be deliberate in my actions.  To feel unrushed as I folded laundry and later worked at my desk.   I took a break to call Pamela and have a chat and a cup of coffee.

We celebrated my aunt's birthday yesterday evening, and even though the meal was a simple crockpot recipe, I decided to set the table with my great-grandmother's china that I had moved from boxes into the china cabinet for occasions such as this.  Later, I listened to my dad and aunt as they remembered eating from those same dishes as children. And I still had the pleasure of seeing my grandbabies when they came for cake and ice cream that evening.

Yesterday, I was reminded how I lose myself when I live in a rush.  It's so easy for me to take on too much, hurrying from one place to another, either physically or in my mind.  It's so easy to gain momentum, set my course and keep going with the next goal in mind.  I miss the details, the beauty in the ordinary things in life.

I guess there are times that that can't be avoided, but for the most part I can make better choices. It usually means removing the clutter from my mind and my surroundings.  It means being deliberate about my choices and my actions, whether it's setting a table or putting ingredients into a crockpot.  It means staying home when I'm tempted to use a free day to go out to the store and buy things that I'm sure I need, but will just add to the clutter.

My son-in-law apologized when he texted, saying, "I hope this doesn't mess up your plans for the day."  Oh, no! You gave me a gift, Marcus.


Summer said...

Sounds like a lovely day ♥

Patti said...

Amen, my friend! In fact, a very hearty Amen! Your words are so wise, and I agree with them wholeheartedly. We miss so much of life as we gallop our way through it. But by making the conscious choice to slow down and to be deliberate with our actions, we get to enjoy all the little moments we're often too rushed to notice.

I love that you ate on the "good" dishes. Just doing that, makes any meal special.

I've been sidelined the past 5 days because of a respiratory infection. While I do lament having to miss church (and my 4 & 5-year old Sunday School class), being homebound has been incredibly good for me. I've relaxed more than I have in a long time, and I've actually been able to do a ton of reading.


Mari said...

Your day sounds perfect! It was a special treat. Your china is just beautiful!

Melinda said...

So nice to have these kinds of days once in while.
When I have one though, I don't usually get all done
that I would like but then think maybe I am just
supposed to slooooow down.

Sounds like you did great!

M : )