Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcoming September and other favorites

Yay, it's time for Friday's Fave Five.  I missed doing this little exercise last week.  It's always good to look back and find the blessings in my week, big and small.  Linking up with the FFF crew here.

1. The past two mornings have been overcast and foggy. A bit cooler, so the colors outside are deeper and more vivid. It's a teaser for fall, as I know we'll get some hot weather soon. But, it has been nice to sip hot coffee in the morning and put on a sweater, even for just a little while.

 2. We had two of our grandkids here on Tuesday evening, so their mom and dad could have an evening out. It's been a while since we've had both and it was an adventure. When I arrived home from work, Dan had been going solo with them for about an hour. Baby in arms with burp rag on the shoulder. Toys strewn and the toddler running around. It was just like old times -- with a big difference. We're old now.  In a couple of hours we were both exhausted. Dan gets up so early in the morning, so I told him if we could get one of them to sleep, I would take over until mom and dad got home.  We willed that little guy to sleep and Dan shuffled off to bed!

3.  My nephew just got his first cell phone, so we have been texting each other.  I love that he tells me about his day.  We only live a few blocks from one another, but he's a busy kid with school, sports and piano, so I don't see him as often as I'd like.  One of the benefits of technology is being able to keep in touch with  my nieces and nephews.

4.  Pumpkins in the garden! I threw in a pumpkin plant along the back fence and said a prayer that it might provide us with a couple of decent pumpkins this year.  We have two already ripe and gorgeous and four more that are shaping up nicely.  I love seeing those splashes of orange when I look out the kitchen window.

5.  Tonight my nephew, RJ, is getting married -- the first big wedding in our family:)  I'm excited to get to be with all my brothers and their wives, as it doesn't happen all that often these days.  Excited to celebrate RJ and his beautiful bride.  Happy to be looking forward to this evening and staying overnight at the venue and having breakfast as a family tomorrow.  Photos to come!

How was your week?



Wendy said...

Oh a wedding, how lovely. We had 3 in August so I know the excited feeling well. I hope you have a great time. Technology makes keeping in touch so easy these days.

ellen b. said...

Oh fun, a family wedding. Hope all goes joyfully for everyone. That's sweet that your nephew texts you...

Barbara H. said...

I know what you mean about watching the grandchildren - it's fun, but we get absolutely exhausted, too.

It's so neat your nephew keeps in touch with you throughout the week. I love having technology that makes that possible.

Hope your family has a great time at the wedding and breakfast!

Linda Hoye said...

Cool and fall-like here today too. It's was kind of cozy!

Mari said...

Oh yes - those grandkids tire us out too! It sure is fun though.
It's cute that your nephew texts you.
Hope you are having a ball at the wedding.

Patti Gardner said...

A wedding! How fun!! I know 2 other couples getting married this weekend (not local), and we have a wedding to attend in 3 weeks. September is a beautiful month for a wedding.

We sure don't have the energy levels we use to, do we? I suppose God knew best when he created us gals with biological clocks that turn off around age 50. Few of us have the energy for little ones after that.

We are enjoying a bit of coolness today too. I'm sure it will get hot again before it cools down for good, but I'm enjoying this break from the heat while it lasts.


Willow said...

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. RJ! It's fun to watch your next generation grow up and launch out on their own. And you must be the 'cool aunt'if your nephew is texting with you :)

I love the little bit of 'tang' in the air that autumn brings! (and pumpkins!)

There is a reason babies are born to YOUNG people :)

Keira said...

Congrats! Here was a hoot week! I love it!

Faith said...

how fun to babysit your grandchildren....and that they went to sleep for you!

congrats to your nephew on his marriage...what an exciting time,

yay for pumpkins!!!

Susanne said...

I love weddings. Congratulations to the happy couple. Your description of your evening of babsysitting gave me a good laugh. I've always thought if I could think of a way to plug into those littles when they sleep and drain off the energy into an adult I would be rich! We definitely feel fall coming in the air here. Some days have been hot but they have that "hot sun - cool air" feel of fall.

Summer said...

I love the sound of ripe pumpkins in your garden! Happy Fall ♥

Melinda said...

Young ones keep you young!

Sounds like a fun and busy week for you. Hope you
had a restful holiday weekend.

M : )