Monday, August 8, 2016

Random thoughts

My flower photos aren't the best, but I want to document what's taking off in the garden, so I know what to plant for next year.  And, yes, I'm just a wee bit proud of the fact that the perennial garden is doing so well.

Today, is a rare day in that I have nothing on the calendar.  It's just me and Lilly and a to-do list for the day that includes cleaning out a closet, going to the grocery store and some reading time this afternoon.

Dan and I took another jaunt to the mountains this weekend with my Aunt Ann.  We went to Grand Lake where my brother and his wife have a home.  It was lovely and cool up there.  We all had a nice dinner on Friday, then us girls went to see Titanic; The Musical at the local playhouse.

It's going to be another hot week, and while I'm not fond of the heat, I'm just not ready for summer to be over.  All around me, moms and kids are shopping for school supplies and counting the days until school starts.  It begins so early, in the middle of August.  That's just not right.

However, I don't mind shopping the aisle with all the school supplies.  Colored pencils and fresh, new spiral notebooks just seem to jump into my cart.

"It makes me wanna buy school supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

(Name that movie;)


Melinda said...

Pretty flowers for sure. One more day for me of freedom.
Wednesday is THE BIG DAY. We won't have kids till Friday
for 1/2 day. Which makes not a lot of sense to me except
that it eases everyone into the schedule.

M : )

Patti said...

Your flowers are so pretty. You have quite a variety.

I was talking to a high school gal at church yesterday. She goes to one of the Christian schools in town, and she will be starting school next Monday. Other kids go back the following week, on the 22nd. When I was growing up, we went back the day after Labor Day. I think it's kind of sad that kids go back two weeks before that.


Mari said...

You have many of the same flowers as we do. Very pretty!
In our area, and actually much of Michigan the schools don't start until after Labor Day. It seems to early to me for school yet!

Dewena said...

What is the name of that movie? It's driving me crazy.

I feel so sorry for kids today that don't have the luxuriously long summer vacation I had as a child.

Your trip to visit family sounds wonderful!

Karen Sanderson said...

Lovely florals. And I don't know the movie either, but it sounds somewhat familiar.

Keira said...

You've Got Mail! The quote is all over the pinterest! Lov eyur garden!