Friday, August 5, 2016

Morning blessings

This week has been very trying, to say the least.  It has made me all the more grateful for my quiet mornings, when I can sit on my back porch with my dog and start the day with some coffee and reading.  And then a walk with said dog.  Here are some photos from one such morning.

As always, grateful to Susanne for hostessing our Friday Fave Five link up party and for all my FFF friends!

A beautiful morning sky over my backyard fence.

Lilly.  Bird watching.  This is not a form that her uncle, the hunting dog trainer would be proud of, but sometimes a girl just likes to sit and bird watch. Forget all the pointing stuff.

 A good read.

Scene from our walk this morning.

Neighborhood treasure, on our morning walk.

Happy weekend to all,


Patti said...

Beautiful photo of the sky and sweet photo of your dog.

Now I have a couple questions for you. Tell me about that neighborhood library. It looks like a neat idea. Who sponsors/maintains it? How does it work?

And I'm intrigued by the Seasons of God book. I need to look that one up on Goodreads.

Have a great day,

Wendy said...

What a lovely way to start the day. Lovely photos. Hope your weekend is better than your week.

Faith said...

OOH...that Seasons of God book looks like one I would love! I enjoyed your photos...the dog one is adorable. and how fun to have a free neighborhood library!! I love books!!!

Oh and YES you MUST try that new Starbucks iced was laughing when I saw Susanne had posted about it too!! I'm hooked. but only allowing my self one a week. :D

Barbara H. said...

Sorry for the trying week! Sounds like you've found some places of respite through it. I love quiet mornings. The picture of your dog watching the birds is so cute.

M said...

Love the image of the hunting dog in observational mode. Our Brittany spaniel does the exact same thing. She will point all kinds of stuff and then take a meditative breather. She also sunbathes on the deck with her front legs crossed. Female hunting dogs just seem to appreciate the richness of life in a more robust way. ; )


Dewena said...

I am sorry that your week had some trying days but clearly you did not miss out on its blessings too. A dog always helps and certainly a good book does. Your Little Free Liberty is a blessing for sure.

Willow said...

I'm sorry your week wasn't great. But I agree, it's important to focus on the blessings. Your sweet dog would be one of mine, for sure. I like that the dog can forget 'work' and just focus on the moment :)
Your neighborhood looks like a great place to live (we usually walk in the evenings and when it's almost dark, we can walk on the golf course paths since everyone else has gone home).

Hoping this coming week is better!

Susanne said...

Sorry it has been a hard week but so glad you looked for some stuff that warmed your heart. Those little libraries always do that for me. Such a cool thing. Your comments on Lilly's birdwatching form made me smile.