Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Daybook

For Today, August 4, 2016

"Every day is a blank page."

Looking out my window .  .  . A cool, breezy, cloud-covered day.  A welcome reprieve from the 90 plus degree heat wave of the past weeks.

I am thinking. . . that taking a quick walk with Lilly this morning was a good way for both of us to start the day.

I am thankful . . . for my friend Pam.  We talked on the phone yesterday for over an hour.  She is someone who hears my heart and -- how does that go? -- reminds me of what it's feeling and thinking when I've forgotten or can't hear it myself.

One of my favorite things . . . toasted English muffin with almond butter.

I am creating . . . organization in the china hutch and dish pantry.  I have so many pretty dishes, but rarely use them because I have to weed through all of my holiday knick knacks to get to them.  So, the other day, I emptied the china hutch and filled it back up with just my special sets of china.  Next, I'll organize the pantry Dan put in for me downstairs and store all those 'special things' that I forget I have (after purging a few things.)

I am reading. . . The Seasons of God by Richard Blackaby.  It's helping me understand and embrace this new season in my life.

I am listening to . . .  Pandora Radio (Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle -- hello 1970s!)

I am hoping . . . that someone I've reached out to will hear my heart.

I am learning. . . names for plants and flowers.  I'm terrible about remembering these things, so making an effort to pay more attention.

In my kitchen. . . there's not a lot going on today.  I'm working late, so we'll have grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.

In my garden . . . zucchini, patty pan squash, jalapeno peppers galore. Purple cone flowers, black-eyed Susans and daylillies in bloom,

Post Script. . . a blogging friend is featuring a new blog to explore each day in August. I've found some fun new blogs to read and met the nicest people.  She was kind enough to feature my blog, too:)

Shared quote. . . "At first glance it may be too hard.  Look again. Always look again." 
(Mary Anne Radmacher)

A moment from my day. . . this dragonfly was in the garden yesterday, with lots of her? friends.  They literally looked like leaves of gold darting among the flowers.  From what I can tell (according to the Boulder Audubon's dragonflies of Boulder County website - ahem)  she's a Band-winged Meadowhawk.  Apparently there are over 40 different species of dragonflies in our area.  Who knew? 

I am linking up with Peggy for the August Daybook.  The Simple Woman's Daybooks are a welcome opportunity to celebrate the joys of the ordinary and simple things in life.  Thank you, Peggy!

Happy Thursday to all,



Melinda said...

Apparently I missed A LOT of your posts.
Time just flies!!

It is funny that you are posting about cleaning and straightening
out closets and such. I have been on a tear here trying to so the
thing. It just take soooo much time though and I tend to get a wee
bit distracted at times.
I enjoyed reading about the quilt and your struggle with what to so with
your fabric stash. Glad you held on to your machine and some fabric.
I have done some sewing this summer as you know. My machine is my connection
with my Mom, she taught me to sew when I was young and then i took those
"home ec " classes too. I am not as versital as your are but I can pop out
a skirt if I want one. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

M : )

Linda Hoye said...

I've always enjoyed these Simple Woman's Daybook posts. I've done a handful over the years and may need to start again after August.

Thank you for sharing the link to my blog. 😊 Have a great weekend!

Keira said...

This is a cute day page of a diary! How sweet!

Barb said...

My goodness! I love this format for writing and am going to check out these Daybook posts ... thank you for sharing your day, and for visiting and commenting on my blog! SO appreciated xo

Patti said...

I have been so busy and haven't had a chance to do my August daybook yet. Hope to get to it over the weekend. It's such a great opportunity to celebrate the ordinary.

"She is someone who hears my heart and -- how does that go? -- reminds me of what it's feeling and thinking when I've forgotten or can't hear it myself." That is the best kind of friend to have. How blessed you are to have Pam in your life.

Okay, so this post told me a little more about Seasons of God. I definitely need to read that myself. This season of life has not been easy for me to adjust to.

I'm always on the lookout for fun, friendly bloggers. I visit so many blogs, and not very many of them return a visit or even respond to my comment. I look forward to visiting your friend's blog.

We had a break from the heat this week, too, and it was delightful.

Have a blessed day, Karen.


M said...

SO jealous of your visits by golden dragonflies! I see blue/purple ones in our garden regularly but never knew of these others. I find the regionality of these creatures fascinating and wonder what conditions cause your area to be rife with so many variations? Temperature, perhaps?

I know fireflies are limited to certain parts of the country which I didn't realize until a couple of years ago. They were such a huge part of my childhood summers, I assumed they were everywhere. This summer, there have been far more than I have ever seen in my life; I have enjoyed a light show in my backyard every night. I am guessing the conditions for them had to be spot-on this year! The dog has no idea what to make of them!!!


Linda Ann - Practically at Home said...

Love those perennials! Purple coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans herald the coming of autumn.
Heart-hearing is a rare and treasured skill in a friend. You are blessed.

Visiting from SWD. Mine's up at Practically at Home.