Monday, July 11, 2016

The view

When I started writing this at ten o'clock this morning it was only 70 degrees outside. What a glorious, beautiful summer day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and a soft, cool breeze blew. Such a sharp contrast to this past weekend when it hit 100 degrees.

On Saturday, Dan and I went to the company picnic for his work. Catering to young families, as it should, it was held at the local amusement park. We enjoyed a lunch of brats and beers and potato salad and beans, with ice pops for dessert. We shared a table with the young family of one of Dan's coworkers.  The excitement of their kids reminded me of the many times we took our kids to the very same park and how much fun they had on the rides.

After we finished eating, we walked through the park, the pavement reflecting every degree of the 100 degree heat. We took a ride on the Ferris wheel and admired the view from the top, the city of Denver spread out below and the beautiful mountains.  One ride was enough for these old folks.

 But we did take a stroll through the park, reminiscing about all the times we took our kids there.  It was fun to see it all again and remember some of the highlights. One time, Dan went on the Mind Eraser with Joey -- a roller coaster that does just what the name implies -- and as the car came to a turn and flipped upside down, Joey's glasses flew off and with one fell swoop Dan caught them!

Another time, Luke and I went on the Sea Dragon, which I thought was going to be a fairly tame ride, when in fact the weightlessness of it had me hanging over the edge of our cart, while Luke warned, "Don't you dare embarrass me, Mom, by throwing up!"

Sometimes when we look back at the years we spent raising our kids, it all seems like such a blur.  Even when we were in the thick of it, I knew that it was all so temporary, and I wanted to savor it as much as I could.  As if reading my mind, Dan remarked, "We had a lot of fun with the kids, didn't we?"

I often wish I could go back, even just for a day, and experience it again.



Patti said...

I'm right there with you, Karen. I would love to go back and experience those little kid days one more time. They were fun, happy times. But since we can't turn back time, how thankful I am for a treasure trove of memories to call to mind...memories like you and your kids made at the amusement park.

Thanks for sharing these precious memories.


Mari said...

Me too! How I would love to go back in time and savor a day with my kids as youngsters. I guess the lesson is to savor each day now - they pass so quickly.
I really like the ferris wheel shot!

Keira said...

Totally agree with you! Maybe someday it will happen. Looking forward for technology.

Mereknits said...

I do too! Although I have Little Buddy it is different, with my older boys there were amusement parks, endless baseball, soccer and of course swimming. I miss it all.
Hugs to you Karen,