Friday, July 22, 2016

Books, creme brulee French toast and more favorites

Because I'm feeling a little bit rebellious, I'm going to count backwards this week, saving the best for last.  Which means very little, because here in no particular order are my favorites:

5.  Yesterday I met my friend Renee for brunch.  We went to a patio cafe, sat at a table with an umbrella and I had the creme brulee French toast and she had the Belgian waffle with strawberries and real whipped cream.  We drank copious amounts of coffee and talked about summer so far and how there is still a lot left to go, and we're not going to rush it or waste a moment.

4.  On Monday, I watched my 4-month-old grandson Bentley.  We went to the library to pick up a book that was on hold for me. He patiently waited in his stroller while I browsed the stacks, then we sat in one of the window seats that overlooks the park and I whispered to him all the lovely books we would read when he gets a little bit older.  And I willed it into him to breathe in the scent of all those wonderful books and to love them as much as I do!

3.  Lilly went to the groomer for a much overdue cut and shampoo.  I love our groomer, she is so patient with Lilly's, shall we say 'idiosyncrasies,' and once confided in me that she sits on the floor with all 45 pounds of Lilly in her lap, to cut her toenails and trim her paws.

2.  I wrote about our weekend trip back here. We came home on Sunday and I am still savoring the memories of the lovely time we had in the mountains.

1. And the number one favorite of the week is . . . a new sprinkler system was installed in the backyard on Monday!! (insert roar of the crowd here)  No more moving the old oscillating sprinkler numerous times each night and no more dragging the hose around to water the garden beds.  I have a few pots that I'll hand water, but we now have drip systems for the veggie garden and rose garden, and the hard-to-get-to side yard has a little zone all its own. Dan will rig up an extension for the bird bath, so it too will have its own water supply.  I am a happy camper.

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Faith said...

i love that you took your gramdbaby to the library! i did that weekly with my daughters and we all still love to go!

how fun to have brunch with a friend...i wrote about doing lunch with one this oast week!

enjoy your sprinkler system. that is a true blessing!

here in eastern NY we could do with some least for one day!😀

have a happy restful weekend!

Schotzy said...

Hi Karen,, goodness you have a marvelous way with words.... I so enjoyed my visit and nery much appreciate your kind words about my blog... Your trip to Colorado blew my socks off... What vistas... Ive never been west of the Mississippi... Hope to one day..My granddaughters live in Boston and hence, 12 hours away, so I suppose I may never have the leisure of taking them to the library for a lovely hour spent whispering the love of books in their ears, yet, I know their momma values books as much as I do... But you made it sound so charming... there in lies my deepest yen from enjoying your lovely post!

Patti said...

Your time with Renee sounds lovely. What a joy to share a yummy brunch with a friend and have the time to just sit and talk. I enjoy doing that too. Creme brulee French toast...may I say, yes please!

Ah, Bentley and the library. How fun that he lives close enough that you are able to do things like that. My daughter used to be a children's librarian (she left that job in December to focus full-time on college). One of the programs she was in charge of was the "Baby bugs" program. It was reading and story time for the infant to 2-year old crowd. In that capacity, she was always on the prowl for new children's books. There are so many beautiful ones for kids nowadays.

Yay, for the sprinkler system. So much more convenient than the old-fashioned way.

Happy Friday,

Angie Church said...

how precious that must be to spend time with your grand-baby. I love our groomer as well, in my opinion it takes a special person to do that.
come see us at

Barbara H. said...

I loved taking my kids to the library - I don't know if I'll be able to take my grandson, but I hope so!

Sounds like you have a great groomer, and the brunch and trip sound lovely. Yay for the sprinkler system! Wonderful!

Mari said...

I lve the library and that you took your grandson. Keep reading to him! Hooray for a sprinkler system. I'm a wee bit jealous. :)

Wendy said...

Your brunch sounded delicious I'm jealous of that but not the sprinkler system- we get enough rain not to need one lol (although during this hot spell I have had to drag the hose round the garden but that's not a big deal )

Gattina said...

With all the rain we had here lately, we certainly do not need a spinkler,lol ! I hope your grandchild is still interested in books and doesn't prefer e-books !

ellen b said...

How nice to get that sprinkler system in! I do hope your grand will love books! Hope your weekend is going well!

Susanne said...

Love how you are already sharing a love of reading with your grandbaby! Your brunch sound delicious and fun! The sprinkler system will save lots of time, for sure. Love little trips to the mountains. I somehow missed that post. Am off to read it now.

Jerralea said...

I love that you are willing your grandbaby to love books - I'm trying to instill that in my grandtwins, too. They do love looking at picture books so I'm feeling hopeful.

Creme brulee french toast just sounds like it has to be good ...

Sp glad you had a trip to the mountains!

Keira said...

Seems a busy week! I need a new watering system too. Drooling about that creme brulee!

Willow said...

I applaud your library excursion with your grandson! It's never too early to instill a love of books in a child.

Oooo--that water sprinkler system. I love it!

nikkipolani said...

Good memories -- years ago, I had a crème brulee French toast and it was phenomenal! Your time with a friend over coffee sounds terrific.

Oooh, add my voice to the roar of joy over your new sprinkler system!

Melinda said...

Sounds like another good week for you.
SI agree that there is still a lot of
Summer left but I have to interrupt
mine to go back to school. (insert
booing here) I just wish that we
didn't have to start soooo early!

Nothing worse than dragging a hose
behind you. Enjoy your new system.

Glad you were able to hit the library
with your Grandson. Fun times.

M : )

Leslie said...

Perfect week Karen! Those waffles sound so good!! I've developed a taste for good breakfast lately.
I'm gonna milk every last drop out of summer.. it's going to fast.
My girls used to love story time at the library.. awww, that makes me sad, I miss those days!!!! : )
Have a great week.

Jen Kershner said...

That sounds like a lovely week and I sincerely hope that your grandson took your whisperings about books seriously because that's important stuff. Also, now I'm seriously hungry after reading about your brunch.