Friday, June 17, 2016

Some thoughts

The events of the past week have left me with such moments of despair as I'm sure most of you feel, too. Not just one tragic event, but several in the city of Orlando. The world can seem so bleak when events like these occur, and if one isn't enough, they just keep happening. I am a fan of The Voice, and while I usually can't remember the names of the contestants a week after the season ends, I remember so clearly the beautiful voice and face of Christina Grimmie. And what parent, grandparent isn't heart-broken for the family who lost their little boy in such a horrific accident, at a place that should be nothing but happiness and joy? Like so many, I'm left to wonder, what can I do?

I have my opinions, as most people do, what should be done, as far as those incidents that involve violence from one human being to another.    But, I am desperate to find something that I can do, right here, right now, to help this world and make it the kind of place I want my grandchildren to grow up in.

I know that some big changes have to occur and laws have to be changed to address these things. And I will support the legislators who work towards those means, and the ones that don't - in my district at least - certainly hear from me.

"The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts."
                                                          (George Eliot in Middlemarch)

But, there is power in small things.  Mother Teresa says that if you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  So, I tell myself that if I can't fix the big stuff, then work on something small.  Shine some light in one, small, dark corner.  It might be a small kindness or a warm word to someone who comes in at work.  Maybe it's something as small as holding the baby so that my daughter can enjoy a meal without balancing a little one on her lap.  That seems like such a small thing, but to her I'm sure it renews her spirit just a bit, allowing her to take that baby back in her arms again with gladness.

There was a story in the news yesterday about the grandmother of one of the Orlando victims who was flying to Florida.  When the flight attendants realized who she was, one of them had the idea to ask the other passengers in the cabin if they would like to sign a note of condolences to the woman, and give it to her at the end of the flight.  By the end of the flight, they had not just one page, but pages and pages of notes -- just simple scraps of paper, carrying messages to assure this woman that her grandson was loved and missed and people were sharing in her sorrow. Every passenger insisted on waiting to express their sympathy or just touch her hand, before leaving the plane.  

When horrible things happen, it is humble acts such as these that poke up from the earth like fresh green sprouts of hope.  They are reminders that even the least among us can continue to grow the goodness that most of us want in this world. 

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Patti said...

Your words here remind me of that quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

The only thing we have control over is how we act, so we must act the way we want others to act, which, of course, is exactly what Jesus told us to do.

My daughter is newly married, and as she and her husband ponder when they would like to have children, she can't help but worry about the angry, cruel world she will bring children into. I reminded her that if good people stop having children, then we turn our world over to cruel people.

Anyhow, lovely thoughts.

Patti @ Embracing Home