Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hump Day

Lilly and I have had the house to ourselves since Sunday morning when Dan left for a rafting trip with friends.  That first day he was gone, we were very industrious.  We cleaned the house up a bit, got caught up on the laundry, and planted the last of the shrubs that I purchased at the tree farm last week. Since then, other than working and taking care of Brooklynn yesterday, I've spent my free time reading and catching up on recorded shows on TV.

The first night, I watched Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett.  I've never been a huge fan of British history.  It can be rather gruesome with guillotines and such.  And I have a hard time keeping all the names straight.  But, I enjoyed the movie about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth I, especially Blanchett's stellar performance as the young queen who, at the age of 25 basically learns on the job how to rule her country, fights off assassination attempts and stays true to her faith by declaring the country Protestant.

The next night, I jumped from 16th century England to the 19th century and finished watching a series that I had recorded months ago, the Smithsonian's Million Dollar American Princesses.  These were the women who were the inspiration for Lady Grantham on Downton Abbey, the American heiresses who marry into Britain's money-strapped aristocracy to gain themselves a title and a place in high society.  One of the shows prompted me to go to the library yesterday and check out the memoir of Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan, who married a British duke (her mother's choice, not hers).

Last night, Lilly and I had supper on the back deck, tucked under the eaves while watching it rain. The thunder and lightening were quite a show.  With all the rain, we didn't have to run the sprinkler (a job that Dan usually takes care of; I'm so appreciative of that after doing it for the past few nights and can't wait to have a system installed in the next few weeks), so we spent the rest of the evening indoors catching up on the remaining few episodes of the American Princesses series.

Dan is due home tomorrow afternoon.  It has felt strange the past couple of day not to be able to contact him at all.  He is out on the Green River in Utah -- somewhere -- and as strange as it feels, I'm happy for him that he has truly had this chance to get away from everything.  Likewise, I've enjoyed the solitude of the past couple days.

On a different note, I've been fascinated by the changing colors in these roses over the past week.  They started out a deep pink, and the sun has gradually faded the color to pale pink and almost white tips.  This is the view from my desk as I look out the front window.

Today, I'm going to mow the front yard, then go into work for a few hours.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!



Melinda said...

A busy week for you.

Sometimes when Mr. Ken is gone on a trip, I am either
really busy or don't have the mojo for anything.

Those roses are beautiful.

I'll have anew post up later.

M : )

Patti said...

Ooh, those roses are gorgeous!! It's amazing how many different colors there are of roses.

Your week of solitude sounds lovely. For me, when I'm on my own, I like to watch old movies. I'm a huge classic film fan, and while my husband will watch them with me, he isn't as wild about them as I am. He usually sleeps through them! So, when he's gone (which isn't very often), I enjoy having a movie marathon.

Funny, I love British history, especially the Tudor period. My roots are very Anglo, so I think I come by my love of Britain naturally.


Leslie said...

sounds like you've made great use of your quiet time! I always freak out when I can't get in touch with paul. Sometimes he goes camping/atv riding in the mountains where he hardly gets reception. ( and I panic)
It's nice having the house to yourself once in a while.
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Mereknits said...

I love some alone time, time to regroup and only answer to yourself.