Friday, June 10, 2016

Flowers, babies, a Springer and a garage sale

It's Friday and time to look back over the past week for the blessings in my world.  So often the things I'm most grateful for are the ordinary moments.  It's the beauty that I find there that make me feel that I have a most extraordinary life. 

1.  Summer is here to stay, marked by 90 plus degree heat, the first G&T's of the season, and lots of time working in the gardens.  I planted three new rosebushes a few weeks ago.  This one is a floribunda called Anna's Promise, named after a character on Downton Abbey.  It has a sweet fragrance and the color is a bit deeper than this photo shows.  

2.  Mornings with Lilly.  I've never been much of a morning person, but that has changed in the past couple of years.  Perhaps it's because I now have the luxury of enjoying the first couple of hours in solitude, before the day gets started.  Well, almost in solitude. Lilly is my morning companion.  "We" read devotions together, water plants, (I) enjoy coffee, and slowly slip into the day.

3.  Good company. Emily and Marcus worked late one evening, so we had these two cuties to keep us company.  It was a nice evening for a stroll, followed by sitting on the back deck.  

4. Good neighbors. One of our neighbors thinned his iris beds this week and offered up the extras to anyone who wants them.  He has some beautiful colors, and I am thrilled to have some more perennials to put in my garden.

5. Neat finds at garage sales. It's in my blood, like the thrill of the hunt.  I love a good garage sale.  Today I found the following items and paid a total of a whopping $2 for everything.  The three mugs match one that I already have, so now I have a set! The canvas backpack is a perfect size and I'm going to offer it to my daughter first. She may like that it's small and easy to carry when she's toting kids and diaper bag. And the book is by the daughter of Anne Lindbergh.  She has written some lovely children's books and this one will go in my library, to be shared with my grandkids one day.

How was your week? Join us for Friday's Fave Five and share your highlights.


Dewena said...

Anna's Promise is gorgeous! and so are those sweet grandbabies!

We are morning people when our kids are young and then with our fur babies. My Otis & Milo are 12 years old today and like for me to get up early and go to bed early!

I have all of Reeve Lindbergh's books except her ones for children. I'm sure they're good too.

Have a blessed weekend, Karen,

ellen b. said...

Love those two cuties that you some time cute! It's always fun when garage sale season begins again. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mari said...

Your grandkids and Lily are so cute! Good finds at the garage sales!

Jen Kershner said...

Yours sounds like an exceptionally good week. There is nothing like a pet for comfort. Your grandkids are adorable! You are living the good life.

Faith said...

you must be retired to have such a slow start to your mornings! some day that will be me( minus the dog!) i love the pic of your adorable! yay for pretty flowers!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a good week and your grandchildren look adorable. I love peace and quiet in the mornings but mine usually comes later when everyone else has gone off to work.

Mereknits said...

That rose is just so gorgeous. Sounds like a wonderful week.

Patti said...

Ah, Karen, I am with you on beginning the day slowly, with quiet and an adorable 4-legged friend. I had been dreading the empty nest years, but I've found that the quiet start to the day does me good. (Actually, my son still lives at home as he saves money for a house, but he leaves for work at 4:15, so after my husband leaves at 6:00, I am the only human in the house.)

I have compiled a whole list of quotes about looking for the beauty in the simple and ordinary. Those moments are the majority of our lives, so it just makes sense to look for the beauty in them.

Those grandbabies are so cute!!

Happy weekend to you,
Patti @ Embracing Home

Gattina said...

I also never was a morning person and since about 10 years it's the other way around ! All in all a good week for you !

Melinda said...

The flowers are so pretty.
Your grandchildren are adorable!

I love a good garage sale. I have a post
on the sales that I have to recently coming up

M : )

Susanne said...

I love when I latch onto a steal of a deal! So much fun. Love the color of your rose! And lovely of your neighbor to share. You will have a very colorful garden next year. Sweet, sweet grandkids. And I'm with ya. I am not a morning person either. Looking forward to the day when mine might be a bit more leisurely and I can actually wake up before I have to hit the floor running.

nikkipolani said...

Oooh, that Anna's Promise is a stunner! I'd seen advertisements for the rose and had resisted but your photo brings out many of the colors I love. Gardening neighbors who share -- what a treat!