Friday, June 3, 2016

Ah, Summer!

After a whirlwind tour of WordPress, it's nice to be back home at Blogger. Nothing against WP, it's just that I'm a slow learner. Thank you for sticking with me through all that. I hope I haven't lost Karen in Wisconsin! who left me a sweet comment over on WP, after following me from Blogger. Are you still with me? Everyone else?

Well, on that note, here are some of my favorite moments from the week past.

1. Dan and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary yesterday! We went to a ball game and it was a beautiful evening to be at the park. A perfect way to spend our time together. And flowers. Dan is very sweet about giving me flowers, and gerbera daisies are one of my favorites.

2. Outdoor water aerobics started this week.  The water is still a bit cool, but it's still lovely.  This morning the clouds were amazing and a beautiful hawk circled overhead for much of the class.  Probably wondering what in the world we were doing!

3. Our favorite house guest is here for the week.  Joey's greyhound, George, is staying while Joe and Sam are out of town.  We just love George.  I would include a recent picture, but he is taking a nap and refuses to be disturbed.  

4. The garden is slowly coming to bloom.  The rosebushes and lilacs that we planted last year are flowering, and the day lilies are thick and full.  I can't wait to see how well they bloom.

5. I had a girls' night out on Wednesday with some long-time friends. We went for barbeque and beer. Oh how I love summer!

How was your week?  Linking up with Susanne and the Friday Fave Five group.



Dewena said...

Karen, I would never get the nerve to try wordpress, although many seem to love it. Blogger is just so easy and easy is what I need.

Happy Anniversary to you! It sounds as if your summer is starting out fine, enjoy, enjoy!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! The flowers are very pretty.
I don't understand the pull of Wordpress. Is it supposed to be better? I know several people who switched, but then switched back to blogger.

Susanne said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! The flowers are lovely. We will celebrate our 33rd in the next couple of weeks but I can say it won't be at a ball park. LOL. Dave is not a sports kind of guy. I'll be with blogger forever as I just get too stressed with these techy learning curves. I almost passed out when I had to switch up feeds because the one I was using shut down. LOL. Yay for girl's nights out. There is something about ladies getting together to laugh and share that builds one up! Glad I can comment once more!

Mereknits said...

I happen to like Blogger, yes there are issues but I bet there are issues over at WordPress too. Happy Anniversary my friend.

Karen51 said...

Hey Karen, I'm still here and still smiling when I look at the pics in a Door County. We must go up this summer and revisit our old stomping grounds. Happy anniversary. Have a great week.

Melanie said...

Happy anniversary! Our 32nd anniversary is in September! :-) Girl's night out is so much fun, isn't it? A definite necessity.

Laura Lane said...

It sounds like you truly do find the joy in life. I look forward to getting to know you better. We had our 30th anniversary just last week. It's hard to imagine where all the years have gone!