Monday, June 6, 2016

A Daybook

For Today. . . Monday, June 6, 2016

Looking out my window . . . a beautiful summer day.  The roses in the front yard are blooming and there's a robin on the front lawn poking about for breakfast. That and a slight breeze ruffling the leaves on the trees, are the only movement in our quiet neighborhood this morning.

 I am thinking . . . about the weekend. I planted the garden on the south side of our house with peonies, poppies and a clematis.  I also added a blackberry bush from Joe (he decided he didn't want it in his yard) and I stuck in a tomato plant that my neighbor started from seed.  My gardens are very eclectic;)  Everything is welcome.

I am thankful . . . for time spent with my friend Mary on Sunday morning. We went to mass, followed by breakfast and a bit of shopping which was very spur of the moment.

 One of my favorite things . . . I found a new summer bag.  I'm always finding new bags.

 I am creating . . . a plan for a pergola on the back deck.

 I am reading . . . Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It's a light, beachy read. I read Winter Garden by the same author and loved it. I was hoping for the same experience with this one, but it hardly compares. It's the story of two friends who meet in junior high school in 1974, and carries through the next three decades of their lives. That has kept my interest, because it is exactly in line with my lifetime. It's fun to hear the references to songs, styles, and interesting world events.  

 I am listening to . . . Copperline by James Taylor on Pandora

I am learning . . . how to be a parent to young adults who are now parents.

In my kitchen. . .  easy summer meals.  This weekend, Dan grilled fish one night, a small steak another night that we shared.  We added grilled veggies and viola! 

In my garden . . . newly planted blue columbine, which is our state flower.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it likes the location I chose.

  A moment from my day. . .  I'm spending my day with this little guy! It's our first day, just the two of us. Emily is going to start working for a day or two each week, so I get Bentley on Mondays. I miss my Brooklynn, but she will get to spend Mondays with her auntie, whom she adores.

Closing Notes. . . I always enjoy writing my Daybook, hosted by Peggy. Like Friday Fave Five, it's an opportunity to look for the blessings in the ordinary days of my life.  It helps me organize my thoughts and my menus and my household plans, think about what I'm spending my time doing and reading and creating. Writing this Daybook is also confirmation of how much I enjoy writing this blog and how much I enjoy the company of other bloggers.  It's such a nice community of people who enjoy writing and reflecting on their lives and keeping an account of their days.

If you would like to try writing a Daybook, here's the link:  The Simple Woman's Daybook



LaughingLady said...

Your Columbine is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I had a green thumb. I absolutely love flowers, but I just don't have much success with growing ANYTHING. (I SO need a gardener!!!)

Laura Lane said...

Hi Karen, what a wonderful life you're leading!

I, too, am learning to be a parent to older teens and young adults.

Be blessed!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage.
Please visit!

Dewena said...

Your daybook perfectly presents the many blessings in a week made up of simple days. And those are my favorite things to know about my blog friends!

peggy said...

Thank you, Karen for taking part in the daybook! I enjoyed my visit.

Melinda said...

Good things are happening for you.
Your flowers sound so pretty.

Enjoy your week.

M : )

Gattina said...

Nice diary ! I just went back to when I started blogging and it's amazing how many things I had done and forgotten !

Patti said...

Hi Karen, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comment. I am just returning to blogging after a 2-year hiatus. It's a joy being back in the blog world, but I'm having to "meet" bloggers all over again. So, thank you for stopping by to introduce yourself.

How funny, we must be about the same age. 1974 was the end of 7th grade and the beginning of 8th for me.

And, interestingly, learning for both of us this daybook concerns our adult children.

I'm guessing Bentley is your grandson. He's adorable. I'm sure you enjoyed every single minute of your time with him. I look forward to the day I become a grandmother.

Have a great day.


susan said...

What a lovely idea. I find as I get older, I take the time to notice all the details in life - right down to the smell of the warm day and fresh cut lawn, the sounds of rustling leaves, etc. I haven't journaled lately but you've inspired me to go back to it.

Huskerbabe said...

I guess I wouldn't have thought of Firefly Lane as a light beachy read. Her books always seem to hit me hard and make me cry. Winter Garden, Firefly Lane and Distant Shores...have you read her new book? The Nightingale?

peggy, the simple woman said...

Hello Karen!! Guess what? Samuel drew your name from the little bowl of names placed there from the comments I received . So you get my June daybook gift-away! Please email me at with your home address. I will mail your package toward the end of the this upcoming week! I hope you enjoy it! (I will be posting the July daybook edition and link-up tomorrow morning.)