Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Five Minutes for Books

Today, I'm joining the folks at 5 Minutes For Books for What’s On Your Nightstand? It's a monthly meme, held the last Tuesday of each month. The idea is to share the books we've read, are reading and/or plan to read.

I'll start with the last few books I read -- some are listed over there on my sidebar.

1.  The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, by Katarina Bivald.   I gave this book 3 stars, meaning that I wasn't sorry I read it, but it wasn't a book that I'd highly recommend to someone.  In all fairness to the book, I think I was expecting it to be like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which someone had compared it to and is one of my favorite books. This story was very different, not very uplifting, and the town of Broken Wheel was never fully developed, which might be because the author is from Sweden.  But, now, weeks later, I think of some of the characters and feel a genuine fondness for the story.  So maybe it just needed some time to 'simmer' for me.

2.   The Edge of Lost, by Kristina McMorris.  I enjoyed this book, it's one of those epic stories that begins in Ireland, goes through Ellis Island and Brooklyn, then onto the San Francisco.  It's a story about family members and growth and change.  A book you can settle into for a while.

3.  Olive Kitteredge by Elizabeth Strout.  I only read the first three chapters and had to put it down, it was so dang depressing, and I wasn't in the mood to deal with a sad story.  Perhaps, I'll try again at some point. This was the April choice for my book club and the overall opinion was not favorable, however I think it is a book worth finishing.

Books I'm currently reading:

1.  Standing in the Rainbow, by Fannie Flagg.  This is the book I picked up in place of Olive K.  I can always count on Fannie Flagg for an enjoyable read with laugh-out-loud passages.

Books on my TBR (to be read) pile:

What are you reading these days?



Mereknits said...

How can it be he last Tuesday in the month already? I am reading Louise Penny's mysteries, I just wish I could stay awake long enough to get more than a few pages read.
Happy Wednesday.

Susanne said...

Right now I'm reading a YA fiction that sorta grabbed my interest. It's very much out of my reading comfort zone dealing with time travel but I thought I give it a go. The next one I really really want to get to is Mrs. Houdini. Sounds very good.

Lisa notes... said...

I agree that some books need some time to simmer. Nonetheless, I’ll probably skip the Broken Wheel book for now. ;) I appreciate your honest review.

Judy said...

I've been reading the Bronte's, Elizabeth Von Arnim, and Jane Austen lately. But I've taken a break to read Bill Bryson's "Shakespeare: The World As Stage". I tend to use Bryson as a sort of sorbet for reading pallet cleansing.

Melinda said...

Your list sounds quite interesting.

Busyness with the end of the school year
has kept me from reading right now. But
that will change when school is out.

M : )

polishingmudballs said...

Yeah, some books do need to simmer but for me to have the patience while simmering...the book has to have grabbed me in some way. I use to have troubles setting a book aside...I would always finish a book regardless. No longer, I don't have time for that so most simmering books are ones that I just don't finish. :-/

Hardlyagoddess said...

It's funny how some books creep up on you like that! I have reviewed a few books, saying I didn't care for them, and then i am thinking about them months later...realizing that I didn't "enjoy" the book, but knowing the book was so well done, that it stuck with me like that- the one I am thinking of is "The Keep"...though there have been a few!