Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Baking it all better

It's a gray day outside today. The snow is melting quickly, revealing lush green lawns. But it's too early to plant, a bit too chilly and muddy to even work in the garden. I just know that if I could get out and dig around a bit, I would feel better.  Frankly, my mood has been as somber as the day looks.

 After a few hours at work, I came home to a very quiet house. I put on some music and decided to bake something. Using what I had on hand, I made a batch of orange scones.

I think I'll make bacon and eggs for supper, and these will go nicely along with a nice hot cup of tea. Sounds comforting, don't you think? Sometimes, breakfast for supper makes the day all better.

I hope it's sunny wherever you happen to be,



Mari said...

It's cool but sunny here. Hope the sun shines on you tomorrow! Your scones sound yummy!

Melinda said...

well, you can tell by the time stamp
what time I was visiting. And now I
am hungry. :)
Those look really yummy!

M :)

Mereknits said...

I'll join you, just let me know what time!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

YUMMY! I haven't made scones in ages and never orange ones (my better half is not a citrus person). Does the marmalade go inside or just serve with? We do breakfast for supper a LOT around here. I don't like to get up in the dark and do a big breakfast when I'm sleepy, I tend to mess things up. So we eat it at suppertime a lot. I've been doing "eggs in purgatory" quite a bit lately - eggs cooked/poached in a semi-spicy tomato sauce. They don't hold a candle to your scones though!

Oh, and the weather folks predicted 70% chance of rain yesterday. Cloudy off and on, sun peeking out at times, but not a drop of rain. We had to turn the sprinklers on this morning and start watering the grass. Hot and dry, in the 80's for the next couple of weeks. Sun is shining though and I hear the birds chirping out my windows :)

Have a beautiful day!

susan said...

Those scones look absolutely delicious! One of those with with a cup of tea would make my day.
I love breakfast for dinner.
Hope the sun comes out for you.