Wednesday, February 17, 2016

On my mind

I've been thinking about my Word for the Year, that I chose back in January.  It already seems so long ago.


Oh, geez.

Really?  As busy as I make my life, how can I ever hope to find Clarity in anything?  When I picked the word, I went to an online dictionary and thesaurus, and one of the words that define clarity that struck  me hard is Simplicity.  Light bulb moment. I believe that was my word a few years back. 

Today is my day off and there are so many projects I would love to tackle.  I decided to start with a walk to clear my head.  So I grabbed Lilly and her retractable leash, and my camera because I decided I needed some pictures for this blog.  We headed off to the open space on the edge of town, where I stood at the top of a hill, taking a deep, cleansing breath.  Clarity.

Off we went down the trail, Lilly spastic at the end of the leash, trying to sniff out every bird and duck that had come through, and me looking for the next photo op.  By the time we made it around the pond and up and down a few hills, well, I was happy to find a bench to sit down and take in the view and the sounds of nature.  

The birds sang and chirped along to the sound of traffic on the highway nearby.  The mountains, majestic and beautiful, were a backdrop for condos and a shopping mall.

My thoughts wandered to moments when I find glimpses of clarity.  In my comfy chair -- with the first cup of coffee of the morning, a book of devotions, my journal -- surrounded by the peace and quiet of my home.  It is there that my heart sees and feels things clearly.

I'm not suggesting that the answer is to stay home, these are just observations.  But I do know that the answer lies somewhere in finding simplicity.

Maybe next time I'll take the dog and leave the camera.  


Melinda said...

The pics are beautiful.

Sometimes being outside helps clear those
cobwebs, we spend so much time inside during
the winter that we need some outdoor time.

M : )

Mereknits said...

That is a perfect word for the year, your walk and photos are just beautiful Karen.