Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Daybook

 It's been ages since I've written a Daybook.  It's one of my favorite posts to write, so here goes.

"Every day is a blank page."

FOR TODAY, Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Outside my window . . .
Dan was out with the snowblower about an hour ago and shoveled the path clear.  This is my view out the window from my desk.  I like that it looks out onto our street.  In the mornings, I see the kids walking to school -- except not today, as school has been cancelled due to the snow.

I am listening to . . .a country music station playing Hell on the Heart by Eric Church.

I am thinking . . .that I'm going to do a lot of desk time today and check lots of stuff off my list! I'm a list maker and a list 'checker'. It feels so productive.

I am thankful . . .for a snow day. And especially for people who don't let the snow stop them and will go into work to keep things running for the rest of us.

In the kitchen . . .the storm started yesterday and I made a crockpot of chili and some garlic bread using my bread machine.  There's lots leftover -- even after sending a bunch of it home with Emily and Marcus.  The bread was awesome, I think I've found a recipe that's a keeper.

I am wearing . . .jeans, turtleneck, slippers.

I am creating . . .another scarf! This one is with big chunky yarn on big needles.  I'm still learning and want to work on just getting the rhythm down, so to speak.  Kind of like hand quilting, knitting takes practice.

I am going . . . nowhere today.  Getting out the chair glue to get some desk work done.

I am wondering . . . what the deal is with the tow truck across the street.  A neighbor's car just got carried away.  I feel like Mrs. Kravitz, remember her?

I am reading . . . The Edge of Lost by Kristina McMorris

Around the house . . . Pioneer Woman has a line of pretty dishes and kitchenware.  My kitchen is pretty well stocked, but I can't resist pretty little bowls, so I bought these.  For less than two dollars each, it was a bargain.  They're the perfect size for a bit of salsa on the side or salt/pepper pinch bowls.  I have a collection of bowls this size, just can't resist.

A favorite quote for today . . .

God speaks to us through our desires. Then as we lay them at his feet, he helps us sort them out and quiets our hearts to accept what He has already prepared. (Rosalind Rinker)

Some of my favorite things . . . valentines, birthday parties, texts from my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . book club, volunteering, water aerobics, work an extra day to make up for today.

A peek into my day . . .

The Simple Woman's Daybook is hosted by Peggy.  Click here for the link to join in.


susan said...

The snow is beautiful, Karen. I'm like you in that I just love a snow day. Chili and garlic bread sounds like the perfect comfort food on a day like that.
Love your little Pioneer Woman bowls.

Faith said...

oh my goodness. It looks like your area of the US is getting the snow we still don't have here in eastern New York!! It looks (and feels) like late March here in the Capital Region of NY (Albany/Saratoga). I love those little dishes!! so pretty!! I too enjoy tiny bowls....I have one that is hand painted from the 1940s that I snagged for $3 at a thrift store in central NY a couple years ago. I love it...i keep fresh blueberries in it usually.

Happy February!!

Mari said...

You are really getting the snow! We're having a rare thunderstorm tonight. The weatherman said it is the first time we've had one on this day since they started tracking the weather. Your scarf looks really good and your bowls are cute!

Melinda said...

Speaking of Valentine's, get your card making
hat on and join us for a card shower over at

M : )

Jen said...

We have a snow day today!!! Love those!!!

Willow said...

I've never done the day book--someday, I think I'll join in when I'm not working :)