Saturday, January 23, 2016

Favorites and Family

It's been such a nice week, with all of my favorites involving people in my life. I'm sure blessed that way. Linking up with Susanne and FFF. . .

1. It started when I was able to get a last minute appointment with my dermatologist's office. Most appointments take weeks to set up, at least to see the doctor that I prefer. I got in the day I called and, while he was in the office, I worked with his PA and her assistant, who were both capable and professional and showed concern. More and more I'm surprised by how young some of these practitioners are. They don't look a day over 18. Geez.

2. Yesterday, I visited my Aunt Mary to wish her a happy birthday.  She is my mother's sister and her house is warm and familiar like Mom's was. Aunt Mary is a natural-born storyteller and I always feel a more optimistic about life in general after I see her.  She can find humor in any situation and I love hearing her stories about our family.

3. Last night I got to spend an evening with my auntie Ann, my dad's sister.  Dan and I went to dinner with her and then later Dan was patient (and carried the doggy bags) while we did some shopping.

4. Dan made breakfast this morning -- my favorite meal of the day! Scrambled eggs with English muffins and orange juice. A great start to the weekend.

5. Two of my favorite bloggers are back. Jen at A Good Cup of Coffee always has great menu ideas that I've been stealing from her Pinterest account while she took a blogging break:)  And Ann Marie, who happens to be my cousin -- just realized my favorites are filled with family this week -- is back at Frog Hollow Farm.  You really should stop in and see her, she has a wonderful place that feels like an English cottage.

How was your week?  Enjoy the weekend, friends!


Barbara H. said...

I had the same breakfast this morning! Glad the appointments worked out and you got someone who worked out well. Your Aunt Mary sounds very sweet.

Faith said...

what a great list of faves!! There's nothing like a husband who makes breakfast on the weekends (mine did hard boiled eggs this a.m. with rye bread toasted :) ).

I saw your comment about snow. Actually, here in my part of NYS (the Capital Region/eastern...i'm in a town that is just a few miles north of Albany and a few south of Saratoga Springs) we have NOTHING!! To the west and south of us there is about 6 inches and of course in my beloved Adirondack mountains there is a foot, depending on which region you are the eastern region (closest to us, about a half hour north) there is only a dusting :) and trust me...we are NOT complaining!! Been a super mild winter here.

Hopefully wherever you are, you won't get much either (Unless you want it :) )

Loved the first post on this page too of the baby with cheerios...I'm assuming this is a grandchild?

LivingforGod said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week with family! Hope you have a great day!

Susanne said...

I laughed at your comment about practitioners looking so young. We feel the same way and comment to each other often about Police Officers, medics, and nurses. Yikes, I think I'm just getting old. LOL.

I love a big breakfast on the weekends too especially when I don't have to make it!

Willow said...

Yes, why are the children now considered doctors??
How blessed you are to live near your aunts. I know they love your visits too.
Have a great week!