Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Carry on

Hard to believe it's been over a week since I've written here. I guess I'm not surprised, because life has been so doggone busy, but I'm really hoping to get back to blogging more regular, at least that was one of my intentions for the new year. Try, try again. Here's what's been keeping me away from the backyard fence.

Football.  Can't believe it, I'm am so not a football fan.  But DH is, and since I've once again taken up a favorite winter sport*, it allows me to sit and watch games with him.  And oh my, has it been exciting! Even for a non-fan, I couldn't help but get caught up in it this weekend.  Now, the Broncos are continuing on to play next weekend, so we'll still be at it.

*Winter sport aka knitting.  I have an obsessive personality which keeps me up reading until all hours.  And there's always 'just one more row' to knit.

Reading.  I just finished Paula D'arcy's Sacred Threshold for a book discussion. Lovely, lovely book about the nature of of love and learning to love honestly and purely.  I'm currently working my way through Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett, for a book club meeting on Wednesday.  I ordered it from the library over Christmas, but then a certain little baby made his appearance a couple of days later, so the book came in and was sent back.  I borrowed a friend's copy and I'm just starting it.  I should be reading right this minute.

Organizing desks.  At home and at work.  And, in one of those weird coincidences, the printer went out at work the same week as the one at home.  How weird is that?

Add to that some baking and babysitting and the usual household chores, and the week pretty much slipped through my fingers.  But it's all good stuff.


Dewena said...

How easily we imagine, in December, the free hours that will come in January. Where are they now, I wonder? Ever elusive, those long free January hours!

Like you, just thankful for the dailyness of life!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

But it sounds like such a lovely week! And yes, I'm trying to get back to blogging too, but for me, I often deviate one way or the other (too quiet of a week and thus nothing to blog about, or too busy living life to stop and take time to blog!). Great job for carrying on with it :)

We are rooting for the Broncos! I SOOOO hope they can beat the Patriots. So not Patriots fans in this house and Peyton Manning is sort of a hometown boy, his dad is from Mississippi and Eli played at Ole Miss, so we've always sort of adopted him, both at Indy and now Denver. Go Peyton, I know you have one more in you before retirement :)

Please come organize my desk! It's a royal mess :(

Have a blessed day and a fantastic week!

Mary said...

I live in a house with Chiefs fans, so last weekend was rather bittersweet since it was fraught with wild card hope unceremoniously dashed by Tom Brady and his minions. But the Chiefs had a good and much better than expected run this year, so all is not lost. I am renewing my interest in needlepoint, my winter sport, which should get me through spring training and ready for the Royals Opening Day on April 3!

Broncos: crush the Patriots, please.

Susanne said...

No football diehards in my house but it is me who likes to watch it once in awhile. Blessings in the everyday such as reading, knitting and grandchilren are to be cherished for sure. Blogging can come whenever. :)

Mereknits said...

Since the Packers lost we have lost all of our football mojo, but I am rooting for Manning, I think he needs to go out on top. He really is a medical miracle.

Paula said...

I've got a couple of big football fans in my house, so I feel your pain. Anyone but the Patriots is fine by me; I'm not a fan of Tom Brady. It's amazing how the days can fly by when they are filled with lots of small but necessary tasks. Enjoy your weekend!