Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's been a beautiful week, here on the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Sharing some moments of gratitude. . .
1. Gardens in the fall.  There are still a few die hard flowers that are giving us lots of pretty color.  I thought for sure the clematis was done for the year, but this poked up yesterday.

And aren't clematis cool after the blooms fade?

This bouquet of daisies and yellow roses came from our garden, too.  The daisies have put on quite a show!

2. Driving home from water aerobics this morning, I saw something that made me rethink how impatient I get with people.  There was a flock of geese crossing the road, taking their sweet time.  Another car coming in the opposite direction and I slowed to let them waddle their way across the street.  The other driver and I smiled and gave the palms up, whatta ya gonna do? gesture, as we passed each other.  And I wondered, why am I patient with these pea-brained creatures and yet I wanted to dunk the person next to me in the pool this morning, who kept drifting over into my space?  The person wasn't being thoughtless, I don't think.  Just lost in the moment.
3.  I hadn't seen my grandbabies for two weeks! so, when our kids brought them for dinner on Monday, it was sweeter than usual.  I had Brooklynn for the day, so we went for a nice long stroll and it was a beautiful day.
4.  The weather has been a real blessing this week.  So, so perfect.  Unfortunately, what's good for us has been hard for others.  Our mountains are sorely in need of snow and the whole state could use a bit of rain.  But, I will focus on the positive, because you can't change the weather.
5.  A new recipe for minestrone soup that I found on  Of course I tweaked it a bit, as did the other 1,000 cooks that said it was 'the best ever.'  So funny, how we all have to put our own little mark on our recipes.  That's what makes cooking fun.
How was your week?  Do share below or, better yet, link up with Susanne at Friday Fave Five.


Tired Teacher said...

I've been in the mood for soup and made a large pot (I froze most of it for later) and an oven meal. I love the comfort foods of Fall and Winter.

Thankfully, the weather has been gorgeous here, too. I know rain and eventually snow are coming, but I'm not anxious for it to fall.

susan said...

We said goodbye to the last clematis bloom a couple of weeks ago. We're expecting night time temps in the 20's this weekend. Brrrr - it's okay because we've had beautiful fall weather for the most part.

Faith said...

nice flower pics and YAY for homemade soup....I made some homemade chicken and bean soup this past week and it was delish...our evenings are getting chillier but our days are still nice and warm....just perfect at 68 and no humidity!! I love autumn!! And how fun to have your granddaughter visit for a little while! I hope you enjoy a wonderful restful weekend.

Dewena said...

Our purple clematis have had a nice second bloom this last week, an unexpected surprise to see them. Tonight we covered herbs and ferns trying to keep them through our first predicted frost chance. But sooner or later they will be gone, won't they?

As always, I love your Friday list!

Susan said...

Yellow roses and daisies are a lovely combination. I am going to remember that. How fun that the flowers came out of your own garden. The spent clematis looks like an alien plant to me. :)

So glad you got time to see your grand children this week. Those moments are soooooo very special.

Isn't it cool when "nature" can teach us a lesson about ourselves?

Have a lovely week.

Jen Kershner said...

It sounds like you had a lovely week. I planted two clematis this summer and am excited to see what they do next year. Being a gardener requires great patience I am discovering! I love that you took a lesson from the geese! Sometimes the best way to learn is from things outside our control!

kathy b said...

Oh SOmeday Grands for me too!
We are retired and I have to remind my husband that we have all day....we dont' need to let drivers get under our skin!
My roses are still going strong . Here in Chicago we were hoping for a freeze as the mold counts are still high and annoying!

Mereknits said...

Ah Karen, I am often patient with an animal crossing the road, but very impatient with a slow driver. I need to be better.

Susanne said...

Wow, I can't believe you still have a clematis bloom. And mine never get the neat curly things. I must have a different kind. I'm a soup girl from way back. Love it!! I always laugh at people who comment on recipes saying it was the best recipe ever and then proceed to list the million things they changed. LOL.

Melinda said...

Grandchildren and flowers
are the best!

M :)

Jen said...

Im going to start blogging again! Ive missed it!!!