Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

Is it Friday already?  It's been a good week!  I'm looking through my calendar, amazed that I accomplished lots of things that have been on my list for quite a while.  It's such a good feeling.  A look at the week. . .
1.  I took Lilly to a new vet.  He's a very kind, gentle man, and very understanding of Lilly's 'quirks' (aka, she can be a real headcase when she's nervous).  The vet's son works there, too.  They have a nice practice and I feel that we are in good hands.
2.  I had an appointment with a new dentist, another big change.  I'm still seeing the same hygienist, however, which is even more important for me than the dentist. . . I spend more time with her, whereas I see him for a two-minute cursory exam.  The hygienist is great. 
3.  I discovered senior discount day at ARC.  Woohoo!  Found this little table for just a few dollars.  It fits perfectly in our entryway.

4.  In the past few weeks, I've met some new bloggers. One of the best things about blogging is getting to know so many nice people.  Sometimes I think blogging is like having lots of pen pals.  (Did anyone else have a pen pal growing up?  I had two, both in Japan.) 

5.  We've had the loveliest weather this week with one day that barely climbed out of the 70s.  Our street is busy in the mornings with kids walking to school (I still wish it didn't start so early; there's plenty of summer left).  It's been so nice and cool.  Great sleeping weather.  We turned off the AC and opened all the windows at night.

How was your week?  Share a favorite thing in the comments below, or link up at Susanne's place, here.


mountain girl said...

Yes, our kids just finished their second week of school--waaaaay too soon! We still have beautiful days, though it is also getting chilly here in the mountains, especially in the mornings. Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning--I'm glad to have found yours as well!

Barbara H. said...

I did have a couple of pen pals - a girl in England and a guy in New Zealand. I wrote the girl for many years, the guy only for a short time. That's one aspect of blogging I have really come to love - making such good friends.

Glad you were able to stay with the same hygienist despite the new dentist. Hope he works out well! Glad the vet did.

The new table looks nice!

Janet said...

Is Lilly a dog? Our dog Lucy is also very nervous and I dread going to the vet. What a relief that you've got one that understands.

I like the pen pals comparison. I did have pen pals growing up, and I agree that blogging can bring similar gifts!

Mari said...

Glad you like the new vet!
I'm going to a new dentist next month. Our old one retired. :(
I love the table!

Dewena said...

Very pretty little table! My favorite thing this week has been a couple of days of lovely cooler weather and low humidity, very nice!

Susanne said...

Our dentist of 20 some years retired and we sort of got passed along to a newer one in the office but we sure miss our old dentist! We had a lovely week weather wise ... that is up until today where we dipped to 41 this afternoon as a cold, cold rain blew through. Brrr! I heard it even snowed in the towns closer to the mountains!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

So glad you are happy with 'Lilly's' new vet!!!!

First time with new dentist for me, this coming week. Husband has already been there and pleased.

The Wheel of the Year is turning, slowly. Can see it. This is a perfect time of year. :-) I want to savour it.

Thank you for the wave, to me and to Susan. Oh my what a marvelous blog she has! Saying Hi to her, and telling her, who sent me over, of course. I see she already has many, many visitors. But she deserves them!

Gentle hugs,

Melinda said...

I wish school didn't start so soon either.
I was not ready to go back and am still
trying to get a routine established.
We have had great weather too. Had the
windows and back door opened for two
Worked outside today without persistat
heat-so nice!

M : )

Susan said...

I have moved a lot in my life (over 30 times) and so I would write folks from where I used to live. But over the years all those correspondences died off. I would LOVE to have a pen pal now. I LOVE blogging for the reasons you mentioned and because I am leaving some of my history behind for my family. I may never write in one of those remembrance books for Grandmas, but at least there is a bit of me on my blog.

Willow said...

I'm super late again getting around to read and comment--because I was traveling until last night which is, I guess, my fave to mention here: road trip.
Having both a good vet and a good dentist/hygienist is important!
You are right about blogging-I've 'met' the nicest people!