Monday, August 31, 2015

"A Failure of Imagination"

This is an incredible essay on the sanctity of life, and our responsibility to teach future generations that children are not intrusions or something to be fit into a well-planned life, but precious gifts from God.  Sarah Clarkson speaks the Truth so eloquently.

 It is the best response that I have read, by far, to the Planned Parenthood debacle.

"I am convicted, as I encounter the Planned Parenthood debacle, that one of the best ways I can affirm and defend the value of the unborn child is to create a narrative in my action and words that affirms my belief that children are a gift from God. I hope that these undercover videos will provoke, not just outrage and anger, but a renewed commitment to lives, homes, and creative works that celebrate children, make room for them, affirm their value not just as infants but at every stage of growth. I hope that we embrace anew the hard and beautiful work of raising, training, educating, watching, and caring for the children in our lives with love, grace, and verve. And I hope that we learn to invite those who have never tasted the beauty of childhood into the stories we create." Sarah Clarkson


Dewena said...

This is lovely, Karen, but much more than lovely. These words invite love in.

Thank you for sharing this with us.


Melinda said...

So nice.
Children are precious gifts
for sure!

M : )

Mari said...