Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

At long last, summer is here. We're still getting afternoon thundershowers, but the days are sunny and hot, just the way I like them.  Here are a few grace points from my week.  
 Dan and I bought new bikes this spring, to replace the ones we bought the year we got married.  I think that after 31 years, new bikes are in order, don't you? Mine's the one with the basket :).  I love my basket and on our first bike ride was beaming with pride, when I heard my beloved riding behind me humming the music from the Wizard of Oz when Miss Gulch comes riding her bike to collect Toto.  If you can bring up the song in your head, you may fall off your chair the way I almost fell off my bike.

This guy (Swainson's Hawk?) was in our backyard one late afternoon.  The two blue jays that were dive bombing him were not happy that he was in their territory.  He tolerated it for a while and eventually flew away.

The view from the backyard, after a thunderstorm, later that same day.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words about Abby.  Lilly is adjusting to being the 'only dog' in the household.  Her silliness makes us smile and her loyalty blesses us daily.

I couldn't resist including yet another picture of the Little Bit.  Mondays are 'my day' with her. She is a joy!

Thank you, Susanne, for hosting Friday Fave Five. So nice to reflect on the blessings of the week.


Barbara H. said...

I had to look up the music have seen the movie numbers of times but couldn't remember it. Funny!

What a beautiful rainbow picture! And a sweet little one.

Ann said...

Love the picture of the hawk. We saw that one, if it's a Swainson's, when we were out west for an anniversary trip some years ago. We don't have the Swainson's around here.

The baby is beautiful!!

Dianna said...

Love the basket on your new bike...and yes, after 31 years new bikes were definitely in order. :)

Glad to know that Lily is adjusting.

Oh my...that Little Bit is so so cute! Love the smile!

Mari said...

Little Bit is just adorable!
I love the hawk photo and your basket too.

Gattina said...

If you like biking you should go to Amsterdam ! No cars in the city center, only bikes and if you count an average of 5 bikes per household you can imagine the traffic !
Little Bit is a cutie !

Susanne said...

Oh that picture of Lilly broke my heart. It's like she's sitting there looking for her Abby to come walking in. Again I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog.

Yay for new bikes. Yes, I think it definitely was time! Biking is an activity hubby and I enjoy together too! Is yours a cruiser bike? The basket idea appeals to me as then I can start taking my camera!

That Little Bit is a cutie!!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I bought a new bike for myself about 5 years ago and it has a basket as well. Your little bit sure is a cutie

Willow said...

Oh, your Little Bit is adorable! Since she was born in 2015, I can safely state that she's the cutest little girl baby born this year (no competition with my PAL that way). :)
New bikes! Yay! Do you read often?
Like Susanne, I feel so sad for Lilly. But it must help and comfort you all so much to know she is so loyal and you'll be there with her too.