Sunday, July 19, 2015

Around the garden

I finally took my camera in to get checked out last week and was happy to learn that the problems I was having were caused by a bad battery.  Yesterday, I went out and snapped some photos around the yard.

Our plants are just getting started, so they aren't very impressive this year.  Hopefully, next year they'll fill out and cover more ground.  My nephew, Tommy, came over one afternoon last spring and we painted the birdhouses.  The little frog was a housewarming gift from some dear friends. The pump and milk can were collected a few years back from neighbors who sold antiques.  Just an eclectic assortment of 'stuff.'

A peek into the fairie garden. . . .

I planted LOTS of daisies this spring. . .

The raised beds were last year's project.  We used concrete blocks that the former owners left in the yard.  It was easier than hauling them away and they make good beds.

Dan and I made the compost bin a few months ago.  It was a fun weekend project.

The split rail fence is along our front walk.  We put this in earlier this spring, and the rosebushes were planted in June.

The back yard is still a HUGE work in progress.  Dan has been working so hard. We did the garden along the fence in June.  Luke dug out all the sod and hauled in dirt.  He and I planted the shrubs.  Dan put in the pavers for the walk and the beams for the rest of the garden.

A mini fairie garden. I used Abby's food dish (an idea I stole from my friend Claudia:)

I've had this little angel since our first house.  Yesterday, I was peering through the lens at her and saw the little pair of socks on her lap! We had a group of kids over on the fourth of July, and they were running through the sprinkler.  Someone must have given his socks to the angel to 'hold onto'.  So cute!

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour!


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Your garden is full of sweet things.

And of things, which took/take a lot, lot, lot of work also. Wonderful, the progress you have made.

And oh, when those rose bushes continue to grow, along that front fence, it will be gorgeous..... When we first built this house, my husband put in a small split rail fence, between our yard and the next lot, toward the front of our property. And planted roses on it. Lovely........


Susanne said...

It's coming along lovely! I love Daisies. They are so cheerful and colorful!

Mereknits said...

I loved it, your garden looks so beautiful.

Melinda said...

It looks great!
I love looking at other's gardens.
I planted some pots this year, no garden
due to the weather. Just simple this year.

M : )