Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On my mind

Outside:  Snowing
Listening to:  Van Morrison Street Choir
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Reading back over the last few posts on my blog, I'm surprised I managed to write two whole posts for January! I'm determined to keep this thing going.  Writing about my days, whether the events are big or small, seems to help me live more intentionally and not have that feeling that time is just 'flying by.'  Perhaps it's because part of my job at work is to schedule appointments, but I seem hear a lot about  the passing of time -- Where did January go? Is it February already? Before you know it, summer will be here.  Stop!  I don't know where the time goes either, but I'm sick of hearing that there's never enough of it and we all have so much to do. And I'm as guilty as the next person of doing this. :/

I'm trying to become more conscious of things that just suck up my time, things that aren't productive or meaningful.  One of the things I struggle with, like everyone else, is spending time on my computer.  Sure there are games and social media that can be a big distraction.  But, more often than not, I find that I'm actually trying to accomplish something and before I know it, hours have elapsed.  One of my projects in the last week was to upload and organize all of my photos from the past year, so that I can make a little photo book for my granddaughter.  Honestly, I think it was easier in the old days, dropping off the film and picking up my 24 pictures a day or so later.  Now I have hundreds of pictures to go through, not to mention try to find on the computer, just to come up with a dozen for my project.  I find myself deleting a lot of pictures.  In the future, I'm going to delete them from my camera or phone as I go.

In other news, the baby blanket for Granddaughter #2, due at the end of March, is coming along very slowly! but I am pleased with it.  Yesterday, I cleaned my house from top to bottom and put out Valentine decorations:)  I found several things I bought on clearance last year, so I took some to work along with a jar of Valentine heart candy.  I miss having my kids at home to put things out for, but the kids that come into work seem to really enjoy it.

By the way, I mentioned in an earlier post that we bought a new coffee maker.  It was a replacement for the Keurig we had, which we loved, but it wasn't functioning properly. (Side note: I took it back to Costco and got a FULL REFUND, even though I bought it 3 years ago!)  So after a bit of research, we decided upon this Hamilton Beach model, which gives us the option of brewing a full pot (with a coffee filter and ground coffee) or just a cup at a time, using the K-cups or a fill-it-yourself little basket.  We've had it a few weeks now and we're so happy with it.  Pros:  less expensive than the Keurig model that does the same thing (and the carafe is a full 12 cups, not 6 like the Keurig).  Cons: it's a bit noisy and takes a few minutes to make just one cup.  Also, you have to fill it with water each time.  But these are things I don't even think about now.  (Note: This is not a paid endorsement, it's just my little ole opinion.)

Enjoy your Wednesday, and Happy Hump Day:)


Susanne said...

I tend to agree with the picture thing. Somehow it was so much easier back in the day. I'm often so overwhelmed with the sheer number of pics to go through.

We got a Breville coffee pot that grinds every pot fresh from beans. You can do 1 cup up to a full pot. We love it but the grinder is so much noisier than our other grinder used to be. It took us awhile to get used to it. How awesome of Costco to refund you after all that time!

Mereknits said...

I think it is amazing how fast time flies when you are on the computer. I think it sucks up a lot of my day. So I tend never to go on Facebook or any of those sites, I know most people do but I just don't have the time to spare. I will take my time with blogs and the friends I have made on them.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'm so late commenting, but still... this was a great post with lots of wonderful tidbits. First and foremost, thank you for the info on the coffee maker. My husband works from home and drinks 8-12 cups a day, so a Keurig has never been feasible for us. I've been debating getting one of the minis for me, just so I can have a variety of one cup every few days. I had no idea they made a 12 cup carafe with a pod on the side. When our Cuisinart bites the dust, I'm going to definitely look at this one. Thanks for the tip!

I so agree about the time sucks. I'm the worlds worst, and for me, Pinterest in the biggest one of all. I get lost all the time though, looking for photos, looking for recipes, trying to look something up and I end up surfing, etc and the list goes on and on. Photos are a big one for me too though. I take thousands a year and have since 2003 or 2004. Yikes. And I haven't printed any in YEARS. I keep saying I need to print some (other than a few random ones for scrapbooking, which is another time suck that I am also trying to make time for, LOL!). Photos are so nostalgic for me, that I always end up lost in a time warp :)

Hope you're have a spectacular day!