Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's so good to be back for Friday Fave Five.  I love doing this little exercise in looking back on the blessings in my week.

1.  I woke up to six inches of snow on the ground on Tuesday!  Normally, that would not be a blessing as I look forward to Spring, but it was a nice excuse to stay home for the morning.  My dogs had fun playing in the snow, so I got out the towel to brush them off and wipe their feet for the bajillion times they came in and out.  Having a second and third cup of coffee and getting work done at my desk was nice.  I pulled out a sweater and snow boots to wear to work in the afternoon.  Today, the snow is gone and the forecast is for a high of 72!

2. Changes at work.  Our business is growing with new people, new office procedures.  It's refreshing to change things up!

3.  Tuesday Night Soup and Sandwiches.  I work late on Tuesdays, so Dan makes dinner.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and clam chowder have become the tradition.  I really look forward to coming home on Tuesdays to my favorite comfort food!

4.  Reading Flight of the Sparrow, by Amy Belding Brown.  I'm so excited to read another book by this author.  She wrote Mr. Emerson's Wife, one of the most interesting and captivating historical novels I've ever read. 

5.  Saving the best for last!  My granddaughter turned ONE!  Here she is with Grandpa (she really does love him best, but I'm okay with that).  Luke and Miranda threw her a big party and it was a wonderful day.

What were your favorites this week? 


Mari said...

72 degrees? Lucky you! Hubby cooking - also great!
Happy birthday to your sweet granddaughter!

Gattina said...

I am also longing for spring ! It snows sometimes but it doesn't stay. Happy birthday to your little granddaughter !

ellen b said...

Ahh, your granddaughter is so cute all in pink. Wow, from snow to 72 degrees that's a jump. Your Tuesday supper tradition sounds real good. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kathie said...

I love your favourites! and thanks for the mention of a new to me author. I'm always looking for new books to read. I'll check her out at the library.

I chuckled at your last favourite - saving the best for last. I did the very same :) Your little granddaughter is sweet. a very happy birthday to her! Isn't it great being a grandmother?!!

Susan said...

My fave from this week was my grand daughter's birthday (2 on the 2nd of Feb). So I can totally relate to your favourite blessing from this week.

I checked out the two books you mentioned and they sound so intriguing that I put them on my amazon wish list. My birthday is in March. ;) Thanks for the suggestions.

Jerralea said...

Your weather sounds like ours: we had a dusting of snow Wednesday and on Sunday it is supposed to be 66°!

Happy birthday to your granddaughter. She looks sweet in that photo with her grandfather.

I think it would be great to have my husband cook one day a week for me. You are blessed!

Faith said...

your granddaughter is a cutie!! and 72????? i suspect that eastern NY won't see that until at least the beginning of May if then :)
I loved all your faves...yay for soup and sandwich nite. We have one of those too! enjoy the weekend.

Barbara H. said...

That's one good thing about snow - the opportunity to stay in for a snow day. I don't get to experience that much since my husband grew up in ID and is used to the snow and usually goes in if he can...but every now and then the roads are blocked enough that he stays home.

How neat to have someone else on dinner duty one night a week! My husband will cook on weekends often in warmer weather when he can grill, but he gets home too late to do supper on weeknights.

Neat about the growth at work!

Love your granddaughter's picture in that frilly dress - we have all guys here, so no frills, but hopefully one day we'll have a granddaughter.

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to your little cutie pie! Yum, yum to your tuesday dinner tradition. And the best of it being is that you didn't have to cook it. You're weather sounds a lot like ours...a bit crazy and back and forth. Last weekend it snowed, this weekend it's dry as bone with not a pile of snow anywhere. I tried finding those books you mentioned in our library system. They've only got the one so I added it to my shelves. It's not a series, is it?

Melinda said...

Sounds like a great week!

We have had the up and down weather too. Just not the snow. We have had a whopping 4 inches this year!

Enjoy your Sunday.

M :)

Dianna said...

I so enjoyed visiting here, Karen! Your granddaughter is a cutie pie!

I'm glad that snow was a blessing and that you had opportunity to get some things accomplished at your desk that you wanted to do.

Have a great week this week!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Beautiful beautiful granddaughter! So cute :)

Wow, snow on the ground to 72 degrees, how is that even possible?

Love soup and sandwich night! We usually do grilled cheese and tomato soup, but I like the idea of clam chowder. Not sure how much my better half loves it though. Please enlighten me, is the soup from a can or box or does he make it from scratch? Either way, how sweet of him to cook and spoil you :) I'd say he's a keeper!!