Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Daybook

 "Every day is a blank page."

FOR TODAY, Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Outside my window . . .A cold, clear frosty day. The ground is covered with patches of snow.
I am listening to . . . Sara Evan's Christmas album.
I am thinking . . . that I am all but done with Christmas shopping. 
I am thankful . . . for the family and friends that came to our house on Sunday to celebrate my dad and stepmom's birthdays.  One of my favorite things is having the house filled with people I love and getting to feed them all!  It was such an awesome day.
In the kitchen . . .still baking Christmas cookies.  Dan made his now-famous rum cakes which we will share with family and friends.

I am wearing . . .yoga pants and t-shirt.
I am creating . . .memories of our granddaughter's first Christmas.
I am going . . .to start wrapping presents today. 
I am wondering . . .if my dog knows when it's her birthday?  And if she feels neglected that we forgot it last week.  (The vet sent her an e-mail birthday card, which prompted this thought).
I am reading . . .Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good, by Jan Karon.  It's so nice to be back in Mitford again.
I am praying. . .for peace in the world.
I am looking forward to . . . going to a holiday brass concert with Dan this Sunday.
I am learning . . . to roll with the punches.
Around the house . . . Dan built some shelves in our basement for storage.  I can't wait to get the rest of our boxes unpacked.  I'm still missing our tree skirt (using a sheet for this year), the little chicken that holds my measuring spoons, and a Colorado Rockies visor that I lost two moves ago, but keep hoping it will miraculously appear.

I am pondering . . . how resilient and strong people can be.
A favorite quote for today . . . "Raise your words, not your voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." ~~Rumi
Some of my favorite things . . . old friendships, new friendships, spritz Christmas cookies.
A few plans for the rest of the week . . .Women's Candlelight Advent service at church this evening, going to a dinner theatre with friends tomorrow night to see Fiddler On the Roof (my all-time favorite), babysitting our grandbaby on Friday so her mom and dad can go Christmas shopping.
A peek into my day . . .

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Susanne said...

I looooove Fiddler on the Roof but have never seen it live. Enjoy! I am so behind on Christmas this year due to not feeling well and having my energy just sapped. I just realized this morning Christmas is next week! I thought I had a couple more weeks. I am now officially in panic mode!

Ellie said...

It is our grandbaby's first Christmas too, he is 10 months old. He has no idea what is going on, but we all think it is pretty exciting! Have a great week, and have fun babysitting!

Melinda said...

Sounds like fun ways to spend the holiday season.
Family and friends are the best.

M :)

Mereknits said...

I love Mitford, such a great time of year to visit with those old friends.